Your Ebola Caught My Anthrax – Let Me Explain Reply

Alleged Ebola Victim Actually Has Anthrax

Ebola Victim is Anthrax Victim

Anthrax in Rhodesia During the Front War (1978-82): A Suspected Act of Biological Warfare – CLICK HERE

Substitute “Ebola” for “Anthrax”

Video Link

Anthrax in Rhodesia During the Front War (1978-82): A Suspected Act of Biological Warfare

Uploaded on Oct 2, 2006 by Jason Vosu

Anthrax is a criticism and comment piece about how broadcast news handled the 2001 anthrax scare. The idea is that the word “anthrax” can be interchanged with other topics being reported to the nation.

The video attempts to deconstruct the television coverage of this topic, especially the scare factor, and identifies patterns and similarities in vocabulary, tone and treatment across all the networks that were sampled. For example, most networks started using the word “anthrax” which then evolved into “skin anthrax” which then evolved into “cutaneous anthrax,” etc. The pattern that emerges is that all the major networks are using similar vocabulary. We can see the story emerge and evolve as a whole even though it is made up of reports from multiple entities, both large and small.

Dr. Death interview reveals germ warfare to develop Anthrax and “The Black Bomb” designed to control population of “negros”.

Following leads on the anthrax trail took us across four continents – filming outside the high security perimeter fences of some of the world’s most secret germ war labs (and inside a couple), tracking down and talking to experts and scientists some of whom were members of the so called “International Bio-Weapons Mafia”. None was more chilling than the face to face we got with the man they call Doctor Death – Wouter Basson, the army scientist who headed apartheid South Africa’s secret germ war program – Project Coast.

Shrouded in mystery and hidden behind front companies that used worldwide intelligence connections, the shocking activities of the program only emerged after the fall of apartheid – revealing a shockingly sophisticated operation that had 200 scientists developing germ war agents to be used against the country’s black population.

This was one of the very few interviews Doctor Death has given and for the first time he talks candidly about the help he received from the West, his relationship with David Kelly and the creation of “the Black Bomb” an agent that could sterilize blacks without their knowledge.

And then there’s his strange relationship with Larry Ford, the Mormon gynecologist to Hollywood stars who was also moonlighting for the South Africans and had CIA connections.

Some experts are wondering whether Doctor Deaths’s program provided a convenient off-shore operation for Western germ war experimentation?

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