Atmospheric Seeding Using Chemicals to Modify Global Climate 3


Millions of tons of chemicals dumped into earth’s atmosphere every day

Oct 19, 2014

Video Link

Public skepticism increases on Climate Change as media hype escalates with $ Trillions in profit to be made in commodity futures and Weather Warfare.

USDA Inspector, Rosalind Peterson Exposes Atmospheric Seeding at 2007 UN Global Warming Session

Stemming from the…
Human Engineering…
infrastructure of slavery… the singularity with total connection………
NASA contrails warm the planet……
NASA updates CONtrail information in 2013…. metal particles now acknowledged as part of the exhaust from jet engines….…
Altering a region of the atmosphere
US4686605 * Jan 10, 1985 Aug 11, 1987 Apti, Inc. Method and apparatus for altering a region in the earth’s atmosphere, ionosphere, and/or magnetosphere
US4712155 * Jan 28, 1985 Dec 8, 1987 Apti, Inc. Method and apparatus for creating an artificial electron cyclotron heating region of plasma…


  1. Anyone have an explanation for this.
    This morning 6:am in the Norfolk VA area there were dense chemtrails over lapping themselves from horizon to horizon just under clear blue skies. They were being sprayed at different altitudes and expanding and seemed to becoming opaque. By 10:30 am we have mostly gray skies moving East and you can easily view the air turbulence by the wispy cloud shapes. The upper winds are still carrying them due East across the Atlantic at 12:10pm.

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