Weather Expert Explains Chemtrails as Climate Change Engineering 1

Published on Aug 8, 2014

By Scott Stevens – 8/8/2014:

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 Engineering continues in the Pacific, watch how they can take a flat wave and turn it into an Early August rainmaker for Northern California, completely out of season.

The Real Weather show will be become the heartbeat of the Geoengineering movement. Clearly showing, daily, the impacts of weather modification on our weather and therefore Earth’s Climate Systems.

This unique information, combined with my award winning delivery style, ensures a show that will have the audience coming back each day for their “fix” of what’s really happening in our changing skies.

Interactive segments with YOU, the audience, regular road trips called The Real Weather Show’s “Cloud Tour” will take this show to to every part of this country.

This can be OUR Mission! … Help me bring awareness to this global activity so it is known worldwide for what it is. WE can bring about change for the betterment of all Mankind!

As always, Keep Looking Up! -Scott Stevens

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  1. In fact, the ecology engineering is branching for helping to the humanity like many engineering disciplines. Due to the climates move out of their normal cycle, the mankind wants to reverse this situation. So, example, the vegetable, which you could eat in own season once, cannot be grown now because of climate conditions. For this purpose, ecology engineers are stepped in. But again, as in all things, when the human factor is discussed, the humanity can use these new ecologic developments as ill-minded. Any world citizen can’t know that this technology is using for who or which purpose. Any government on this planet doesn’t have the transparent policy, unfortunately.

    The link about this subject:

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