Tehran Chronicle: Exposing Zionist Disinfo Reply

Tehran Chronicle: Exposing Israeli Disinfo

Dr Anthony Hall – 10/6/2014

Fact-Based Reckoning with Global Geopolitics in the Capital of the Islamic Republic of Iran; Censorship and Cover-Up in the Capitals of North America and Europe

Late Saturday night Dr. Kevin Barrett, VT’s Editor, Truthjihad’s Host as well as a frequent contributor to Press TV, treated readers with the first fact-based account I have seen published outside Iran introducing vital news concerning the very significant conference that just took place in Tehran. Let me add to Dr. Barret’s narrative with some comments and pictures of my own. The words and images below are mostly derived from my own participation in the Tehran Forum. The Tehran Hearings were meant to draw attention to ongoing  crimes against humanity, but especially those taking place behind the obscuring veils of Likudnik Israel’s unrelenting onslaughts of outlawed propaganda to promote aggressive warfare.

Ken O’Keefe, Pepe Escobar, Anthony Hall and Wayne Madison Pose Together at the New Horizons Conference in Tehran, Sept. 27 to Oct. 1

It is not without irony that the event was hosted by the Islamic Republic of Iran whose people and government are faced with the daily need to fend off a steady barrage of insults, dirty tricks, intrusive spying, assassinations, plus outright lies and distortions disseminating layer upon layer of gradated disinformation. Right now it is near impossible for me even to imagine that a public discussion as open and erudite as that which took place in Tehran could also occur in capitals such as those of France, Great Britain, the United States, Germany and certainly the vassal state of Canada.  *** Continue

Healthy Public Discourse Included an Open Exchange of Literature Shedding Light on Current the Past, Present and Future of Many Geopolitical Controversies

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