Is The Government Constructing Mass Grave Sites Around America? 1

A 2009 Report Documents Construction of grave sites at Veterans Memorial facilities.

National memorial cemetary of Arizona Sign

An image from Ambellas’ video identifies the grave site as constructed as a Dept of Veterans Affairs project at the  Nationional Memorial Cemetery Of Arizona

On March 25th, 2009, Shepard Ambellas, founder and editor of, discovered a grave site officially identified by permit as the National Memorial Cemetery Of Arizona.

Ambellas contends that the capacity of this and other sites around the US could conceivable provide burial space for most every citizen in America.  He says that this and other sites are built state by state, graveyard after graveyard, in what he says could preparation for a major catastrophe rather than a series of veterans memorial graveyards.

Ambellas could be on to something but the idea of burying corpses infected with a deadly virus like Ebola rather than cremating them doesn’t add up.

Ambellas entered the cemetery in the wee hours of the morning taking photos of what was later dubbed “one of the largest construction projects in the valley” by local media.

Watch the interview that could serve as a warning of a future catastrophe.

Video Interview-1
Video Interview-2
Mass Graves video in Phoenix, AZ

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