Seniors vs Crime Program in Alachua County Reply

SVC Office Hours in Alachua County

In 1989, some of Florida’s most effective crime fighters were unleashed through the creation of the Attorney General’s Seniors vs. Crime Project. This Project, sponsored by the Attorney General’s office, allows seniors to be actively involved in their own and their younger citizens’ protection. (More)

Consumers Ask SVC For Protection Against Unfair GRU Utility Tax

9/9/2014 Gainesville, FL — After months of waiting, one North Central Florida resident received a response from GRU about a potential refund on what he calls an improperly taxed charge. After 95 days, the utility company denied Jim Konish’s request Monday saying,

“all such accounts are located within the municipal limits of the city of Gainesville and all such accounts paid city tax that was due the municipality… and the accounts are not due a refund or a credit of the city tax

Complete WCJB Story

5/23/2014: Officials with the Alachua County Seniors vs. Crime office say tens of thousands of GRU customers may be eligible for a $30 refund after the utility improperly applied a 10 percent municipal tax to one particular charge on monthly bills — the electric customer charge. (WCJB Video and Story)

Archives of WCJB GRU/GREC Biomass Reports Click Here

Contact the Alachua County SVC Office Staffed on Wednesday and Thursday – 352-367-4023

Download the Request For Assistance (RFA) Form (PDF)

Mail RFA Form to:

Seniors vs. Crime Project
PO Box 5489
Gainesville, FL 32627-5489

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