Dr. OZ Explores Mysterious Death of Joan Rivers 1

 It’s encouraging that the Dr. Oz report on Joan Rivers death largely agrees with the information posted in open source/alternative media.  In my opinion, Dr’s Michael Roizen and Jamie Koufman gained much respect by delivering an honest and complete report.

Dr Gwen Korovin - Joan Rovers ENT


Dr. Gwen Korovin denies taking a “selfie” with patient, Joan Rivers as she prepared to perform an unauthorized biopsy.

Dr. Korovin allegedly treats a list of celebs including Celine Dion, Lady Gaga, Hugh Jackman, John Mayer, and Brooke Shields. (TMZ)

When interviewed about presiding a gay marriage, Rivers calmly explained that Obama was gay and Michelle (Michael) is transgender.

Complete Story


Millions on C-Span witnessed Obama clearly refer to Michelle as “Michael”.

Next, forensic evidence reveals that Michelle is most likely a transgender – a female trapped in a man’s body.  Taken together the evidence is compelling that Michelle is a transgender.  Once we accept that Michelle is transgender, we are required to consider that Obama is gay.

None of this should matter in an open society except that Obama and Michelle have kept their true sexual orientation a secret while the remaining gay community – even in the military –  is proudly out of the closet.



Evidence that Obama is gay actually precedes the revelation that Michelle is transgender


Images from this story are feeding rumors that Rivers was victim of an Illuminati murder for revealing the true sexuality of the President and first transgender lady. The images that support these rumors are not difficult to find.

Joan Rivers Endoscopy Triangle-1

Triangular anatomy of the vocal chords in life and then inverted in death as the airway is blocked

Joan Rivers Mt Sinai Ambulance Triangle-1

Artistic reference to “Mt. Sinai” can be interpreted as an Illuminati symbol.

Dr. Korovin is said to be ‘devastated’ by the tragic incident and “will cooperate with investigators to clear her name”. (Mail)

Dr Gwen Korovin Joan Rivers 2 panel

Joan Rivers talks about the consequences of her eventual death with her daughter, Melissa. (video)

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