Gainesville Commission Allows GRU Shell Game to Increase Taxes Reply

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Nathan Skop

GRU Shell Game Increases Utility Rates (Again)

by Nathan Skop

Exactly as I predicted as documented in the GRU presentation for the latest GRU/GREC Biomass shell game. (PDF)

It is abhorrent that GRU and the City Commission told the Florida Public Service Commission and GRU customers that the entire cost of Biomass would be recovered through the fuel adjustment charge (where it properly belongs and has been recovered), but now wants to shift a significant amount of biomass costs into Base Rates (where it doesn’t belong) so that they can increase utility TAX revenue.

This is another shell game to hide the magnitude of their mistakes and increase our GRU bills.

Fuel is not taxed, unlike base rate components which are taxed.

We are already stuck paying over $135 MWh for biomass over the next 30 years and now Mayor Ed Braddy and the Gainesville City Commission want us to pay even more when they breech the public trust once again by unjustly reclassifying these costs so they can be taxed.

Gainesville Sun Censored transNot a peep from the Gainesville Sun who apparently condones this blatant  pattern of lies and fiscal mismanagement by elected officials who but blind trust in GRU management to the financial detriment of GRU customers who get stuck paying for this malfeasance.

I will not vote for any person on this Commission that supports this fraud and taxation of GRU customers.

What warrants shifting biomass costs into base rates other than increased tax revenue and further breaching the promises made to GRU customers?

I can’t believe Braddy, Chase, and Carter would even support TAXING biomass and making it even more expensive.  That’s not what they were elected to do.

GRU needs to be taken away from these elected officials who continue to mismanage our public utility.

Sincerely,  Nathan A. Skop

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