GMO Micro-Humans Scheduled to Replace Animals in Drug Testing 4

NWO NAZI Scientists to engineer artificial humans for medical testing


If you’re confused about what the New World Order is planning for you and your family, let this news from the corporatist wing of the medical industrial complex clear your thinking.

Eliminating disease with vaccines is the first step in controlling the fate of human biology. Many of us have already accepted we will ultimately be “chipped” as a matter of economic and medical convenience under State managed health care.

The following Global Research article on GMO human drug testing is a bold corporatist move to have the population accept direct engineering of the human genome as a “product”.  History reminds us that direct human engineering clearly qualifies as the NAZI goal to, “eliminate the unfit”.

Obama google glass obeyFor now, Google Glass is a highly promoted, wearable technology with an optical head-mounted display.  The stated goal of this first generation device is to mass-market a ubiquitous computer.  Future versions will logically offer an “implantable” computer requiring installation by medically qualified personnel.  Later versions may offer a simple ingestible “capsule” filled with all the right nano-bots to re-arrange your thinking to FIT a determined “norm”.   We can easily imagine the gradual sophistication and miniaturization of these technologies will eventually achieve what Hitler’s medical experiments did not have time to complete.

If the NWO corporatists plan to eliminate the unfit through genetic engineering their “product” is likely to hatch humans who are docile, less intelligent, obey orders and reproduce in numbers determined to be “sustainable”.

The NWO corporatist view of “sustainability” may be far more reaching than that of the progressive left or the “Sierra Club”.   The propaganda that instilled the nebulous concept of “sustainability” years ago will likely be coming back as government “policy” requiring medical intervention to genetically engineer behavior, life-span, rates and gender of pro-creation and more.  A population who’s thinking is medically adjusted to make them “FIT” could never find the need to form an organization like the Sierra Club where the goal is to protect the environment from corporate pollution.

Global Research Banner

Mad Science: ‘Genetically Modified Micro Humans’ to be ‘Farmed’ for Drug Testing by 2017

By Christina Sarich
Global Research, September 12, 2014
Theme: Biotechnology and GMO, Science and Medicine

Developers of artificial micro-humans, or ‘mini GM humans,’ are hoping to release their technology on the market by 2017. No this isn’t a sci-fi joke. Scientists are developing artificial humans in the same vein as GM plants with the hope that these creations will replace the need for using animals in laboratory testing.

Artificial humans will be ‘farmed’ with interacting organs that can be used in drug tests, speeding up the process of FDA and other government regulatory approvals, and supposedly without damaging rats or other animals currently used in laboratories.

The GM humans will contain smartphone-sized microchips that will be programmed to replicate up to 10 major human organs *** Continue


  1. If there is a planetary structure of governance hell-bent along the lines of opposing an inter-galactic federation or government structure, then we can all wonder what agenda is behind (or is benign) the bio-destruction of this, planet Earth.

    I am coming down on the side of some kind of bigger conflict here. The NWO may have some power and looks to be satanic, but it cannot be the only power in place. The conflict must run much deeper to a multi-dimensional soul level.

    I think planet earth will look like Mars in a very short time.

  2. OK now this is getting really weird – I see a whole host of legal problems with this scenario!

    First we are talking about “cloning” –

    Second IF they are considered “human” then they are also subject to all the protections under the law we (allegedly) still have.

    Third using them for ANY experimentation is tantamount to the Nazi’s research into the effects of drugs on humans.

    I see this whole fiasco suffering a terminal case of blowback – not to mention the moral and ethical problems of using a clone that is human by any definition – especially if they are not aware of what is being done to them and by whom.

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