Media Promotes Chemtrails as “Normal” in Children’s Artwork 3

NOTE: This is an interesting post that contains artwork where chemtrails have been conspicuously inserted to mentally imprint a sense of “normalization” into the minds of the young and naive.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014 by “Sherrie”

It is time for people to Wake Up and Demand the poisoning and Murdering of Earth and Humans to STOP!

Ads with chemtrails everywhere now!

The chemtrails have been murdering the Earth, animals and Humans for 2 decades now. People are waking up but we need more to become aware of what is happening. People need to start looking up in the sky and ask “What are they Spraying?”Sure there are dis-info sites that have been created to debunk deny chemtrails. They have been created by the governments and UN who spray our skies with poisons. Yes there are sites dedicated to calling all of the people who are aware of chemtrails as “nuts and conspiracy theorists”.They all put out the lamest excuses saying it is ice crystals and stupid stuff (like the swamp gas, excuse years ago for a UFO sighting). We are all suppose to just agree with it and go back to sleep. Jeez, who wants to step out and be called names?

Well thank goodness there are many of us who ignore the name callers and those who deny chemtrails.
It simply gives us more energy and power to get the truth out. *** Continue


  1. It’s unconscionable to lie and make our youth believe that chemtrails are normal, but in war the victor is the one who writes the history… This suggests “they” think they’re already won this war. As long as I am alive, I will not stop trying to get the planes to cease polluting our planet, and convincing all the naysayers that they’re either ignorant or in collusion with those who are harming every living thing on this earth.

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