CDC Vaccine Fraud Symptom of Federal Agencies Ruled by Organized Crime 5

CDC MMR Vaccines Scandal-DEES

Senior government Scientist Breaks 13 Years of Silence on CDC’s Vaccine-Autism Fraud.

African American children deliberately placed at higher risk of autism from MMR vaccine.

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Governement collapse is not immediately apparent when it rots silently from the inside-out.

In the case of the 9/11 coverup, we know that NIST committed vast science fraud when their “models” were engineered to conclude the Twin Towers were destroyed by office fires.

When Federal agencies are captured by organized crime they cannot be distinguished from “enemies of the state”

For example, the EPA’s public interface is managed by Booze Allen Hamilton, owned by the private equity hedge fund in the center of the mil-fin-ind complex – The Carlyle Group – with close ties to the Bush Crime Family.

There is NO POINT in suing captured regulatory agencies like EPA, CDC, NIST and remaining alphabet soup departments to stop federally funded murders.  We need to sue Congre


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