SRM Aerosols Topic at Climate Engineering Conference 2014 1


NOTE:  Outspoken advocate for Stratospheric Aerosols Geoengineering, (SAG) David Keith is listed as “advisor” but conspicuously missing from the program and video series.

CEC 2014

Our climate is changing. The earth is warming up as a result of greenhouse gases emitted by humans. With serious implications: sea levels are rising, deserts are expanding, and extreme weather events may become more frequent. We can still prevent some of the consequences by reducing our emissions. But we will also have to adapt to some changes that can no longer be prevented. Reducing emissions and adapting to changes require considerable effort. Would climate engineering (CE), a deliberate and large-scale intervention in the climate, be an easier option against global warming?

Artificial removal of CO2 from the air could reduce greenhouse gas concentrations. But what happens with the CO2? What about ocean fertilization or a parasol for the earth to reflect the sunlight and prevent global warming?

Note: At minute 3:00 in the video below, a jet airliner is seen crossing the screen from right to left leaving what is reported to be a “chemical trail” of sulfur dioxide particles to reflect sunlight back into space. This graphic depiction contains significant error.

Airliners and aircraft of this type cannot climb sufficiently high (Max 42,000 ft.) to reach the intended stratosphere at 65 to 90,000 feet where these particles are designed to be effective.

The IASS’ new five-minute animated film “Engineering the Climate” introduces the uncertainties and risks associated with climate engineering in an easy-to-understand and entertaining way. The consequences of many technologies are still uncertain. Should we simply try it out? Is climate engineering a last-resort in case of an emergency? Technological interventions in the climate might solve some problems, but they would certainly create new ones. And who should decide about their use?

The film is particularly aimed at younger viewers. It follows the successful IASS productions “Outlaws in Air City” and “Let’s Talk about Soil”, and was produced by the Climate Media Factory. It demonstrates the importance of critically examining available and emerging options to address climate change with respect to their potential advantages risks.


Complete Online Video Series

One comment

  1. I find it very troubling that these so called ‘climate scientists’ display an attitude and demeanor which exposes their immature and quite shallow understanding of ‘mother nature’. You know, ‘mother nature’, the most complex and dynamic ecological system known in the universe. Should we be allowing these ‘climate jerks’ anywhere near her? These ‘scientific climate dweebs’ are rife with an adolescent smugness and an attitude only fit for playing ‘artificial climate games’ on their laptops and smartphones in their parents basement. Most certainly they should NEVER be allowed to play a guessing game of experimentation with the world’s atmosphere.
    Their mini ‘god’ complex needs be to nipped at the bud. We know from simple observation that 40+ years of geo-engineering and ongoing climate programs run by covert military operations have destroyed our ozone layer which is mother natures way of naturally reflecting radiation and properly regulating the planet temperature. Mans’ carbon is not the problem. Their boneheaded idea of pumping tons of man-made chemicals up into the stratosphere isn’t the solution. And ‘let’s just try it’ as these so called ‘climate scientists’ suggests is pure and simple insanity. It took ‘mother nature’ 4.5 billion years to strike this balance of climate that is hospitable to mans existence here on earth today. So is it anywhere close to sane to think that these self-proclaimed ‘climate scientists’should be allowed to play with OUR climate? That’s right it is OUR climate, the worlds climate, NOT theirs!
    We need to find out everything that they are doing, document it in every way feasible and then come together, left and right, and take the head off this snake. This is what you get when private industry and government merge – it’s known as corporatism.
    The snake I am referring to is both the covert military ops as well as these self-proclaimed ‘climate scientists’. We need more current and former military personnel to come forward and expose in what ever way they feel they can to bring the light of day to us on the outside.
    Please, don’t let these two evil forces combine themselves into an enemy we cannot kill. Their plan is not to save us. So choose your side. It’s either them or you – it’s either them or your family – it cannot be both. Pick your side and let’s get to work.

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