Furguson Shooting Reveals CNN Crisis Actor in Staged PsyOp 2

Excellent Reporting Exposes Ferguson Shooting as Staged Event

NOTE: Army Sgt. Major, Dan Page’s demonization of Islam while remaining silent on Israeli crimes is a major clue that he is protecting the Zionist terrorists who continue to use the failed 9/11 “hijackers” lie to motivate hatred and civil unrest – this time, inside the borders of the United States. The goal is to cause civilians and “Constitutionalists” to fire the first shot in a civil unrest that will bring about the Dan Page, Obama and Israeli opportunity where the actions of the people to restore their republic will bring about their own incarceration and destruction. Notice how Page regards Homeland Security as a legitimate body while claiming to be a God-fearing Christian with a target on his back.  Don’t fall for it.

By August 22, 2014

This is pretty strange and has been well researched by many amateur researchers on the internet. The man in the photo is retired Sgt Major Dan Page (Army Ranger) who has been shown many times in the alternative media giving a speech to some Oath Keepers in the St. Louis area. The video of the entire speech is here for you to watch later. To get to the meat of this quickly watch the shorter second video which ties it all together. *** Continue


Exposed as CNN Crisis Actor and Provocateur


  1. Jew of the year award: to the Hebrew speaker that overheard the Mossad agents discussing the upcoming 911 attacks in a Jewish Cemetery; he was behind a wall, so they never saw him (why he lives) said Jewish citizen was so concerned he phoned the FBI many times only to be totally ignored and forgotten.

    Sometimes it takes a Southern to tell the whole truth…

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