Environmental Groups to Sue EPA Over Aircraft Emissions 4

Earth Justice is representing two groups – Center for Biological Diversity, and Friends of the Earth to send a notice of intent to sue the EPA in an effort to force regulators to set carbon emissions rules for commercial airlines. Notice of Intent to File Suit (PDF)

Earth Justice HeaderThe International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) reports that aircraft are currently “estimated to contribute about 3.5 per cent of the total radiative forcing (a measure of change in climate) by all human activities.”  The groups contend that aviation activity in the US alone accounts for a significant increase in those carbon emissions.


SAN FRANCISCO — Conservation groups today filed a notice of intent to sue the Environmental Protection Agency for failing to reduce global warming pollution from aircraft engines. The notice, filed by the Center for Biological Diversity and Friends of the Earth, notes that EPA has failed to reduce this pollution even though a federal judge ruled nearly three years ago that it must address aviation’s fast-growing carbon emissions. Earthjustice is representing Friends of the Earth in the suit. (More)

Although this initiative fails to address the more emergent issue of dangerous aircraft geoengineering emissions in the form of chemical aerosols, it provides a framework for initiation of similar actions to force the EPA to take a position on the most destructive atmospheric geoengineering operation in world history.

Perhaps Energy Justice would consider helping the planet by filing an intent to sue EPA to stop the deliberate atmospheric pollution of geoengineering aerosols that result in artificial cirrus clouds and spreading contrails that have a known climate warming effect.

Dr Joyce E Penner MugClimate Scientist, Joyce Penner confirms that jet contrail emissions tend to warm the climate.

“Contrails tend to warm the Earth’s surface, similar to thin high clouds”.

Dr. Penner’s statement echos the “IPCC SPECIAL REPORT ON AVIATION AND THE GLOBAL ATMOSPHERE” (PDF), page 17: emissions that create contrails.

So, when will conservation groups begin to see the covert spraying of chemical aerosols and heavy metals as the number 2 Gorilla in the room of climate change? 

After all, it’s not like you can’t look up and see it happening.

Two Gorillas


  1. We need to get a heavy duty PR campaign going in order to combat the omnipresent rebuking of this crime being committed on a daily basis right in front of our eyes. When I point out chemtrails, people dismiss me as a conspiracy nut!

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