Geoengineering Nanoparticles Responsible For Sea Star Wasting Syndrome? 1

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Scientists Investigate Outbreak Of Sea Star Wasting Syndrome


“There’s also environmental pollutants. For example, everything from agricultural runoff through to little nano-particles put out by the pharmaceutical industry.”

“The disease has wiped out sea stars from Baja, California, all the way up to British Columbia. And reports are coming in from the East Coast as well.”

California Current-bThe relatively abrupt onset of Sea Star (echinoderm) wasting syndrome on the West and now East coast of North America since 2013 is consistent with aggressive patterns of aerosol geoengineering coincident with unusual inland drought conditions in western states.

The NPR report points to nanoparticles as a likely culprit.

Because the very long coastline under geoengineering assault matches the geographic range of sea star deaths, the suggestion that the impact may come from nanoparticles associated with pharmaceutical industry becomes less probable than aerosol spraying.

A point source of nanoparticles from a pharmaceutical source would carry the offending pollution south along the Pacific coastal current by increasingly smaller concentrations. The effect on star fish populations would be greatest at the source and be expected to diminish as distance from the source increases. Instead, we see a near simultaneous reports of wasting syndrome as would be expected if pollution were of relatively equal concentration up and down the thousands of miles of affected coastline.

Geoengineering nanoparticulates are deployed in equally high concentrations across the Pacific ocean including the coastlines of Alaska, Canada and North American.  This distribution provides a better explanation for the decimation of these important marine predators.

We now see star fish populations under simultaneous assault on the east coast where conditions are different than on the west coast except for the geoengineering aerosols, common to both coasts albeit in different concentrations, oceans and current conditions..

Importantly, the appearance of wasting syndrome on the east coast effectively rules-out Fukushima nuclear contamination since the radiation and food-chains in the Atlantic are significantly isolated – leaving geoengineering aerosols as a more likely source.

Time will tell if the east coast wasting syndrome will grow in significance as nanoparticles increasingly contaminate the Atlantic ocean.

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