Fukushima Radiation Poisoning Global Food Supply 10

Obama Hush on Fukushima

Following a major earthquake, a 15-metre tsunami disabled the power supply and cooling of three Fukushima Daiichi reactors, causing a nuclear accident on 11 March 2011. All three cores largely melted in the first three days. — World Nuclear Association 

Report by Dr. Bill Deagle reminds us that extinction-level amounts of lethal radiation continues to contaminate the planet.

It has to be considered that the consequences of global panic in response to full public knowledge the horrific Fukushima event are so dire that corporate media outlets have been instructed not to cover it.  Instead, we get bizarre reports on MH-370, MH-17, the Ebola virus, Israeli war on Gaza, Impeaching Obama,…on and on.

By not reporting on Fukushima, “authorities” hope to hide the dire consequences of continued radiation leak(s) from the American people and global populations for as long a possible.

By monitoring social media conversations, it’s an easy task for “rulers” to know when the “flash-point” of public awareness will prompt need to apply further media distractions or increase certain elements of the police state without actually declaring outright, “martial law”….as a last resort.

Bio-accumulation of radiation from Fukushima can damage nearly all life on earth.

All along the west coast of North America, sea stars are dying at an alarming rate. There was an “outbreak” of some unknown wasting disease last year and it appears to have come back even worse this summer.  — Radiation Rain

Clip from July 28, 2014 – guest Yoichi Shimatsu on the Jeff Rense Program. *** More


One aspect of this out-of-control contamination is in the Pacific’s 30 foot deep layer of surface ocean water where much of the global oxygen supply is generated by plankton. Bio-accumulation in this layer is unknown and no questions are being asked by corporate media “experts”.  Dalton’s Law of partial pressures of gases tells us that measured CO2 levels will respond by going up if global oxygen levels go down.

Reports of a massive case of dead star-fish, absence of certain species of fish and dwindling herds of animals up and down the Pacific region of the northern hemisphere are never connected to the consequences of bio-accumulation of radiation sprays from the ongoing Fukushima disaster.


Follow the money.  Media will avoid reporting any news that could be bad for business as usual.

Spraying aerosols over the Pacific to interrupt rainfall is a desperate attempt to mitigate radiation from being washed onto crops in the central valley that provides much of our food commodities . The obvious downside is the failure of normal rainfall and forcing of drought that increases the number of wildfires in the Northwest and the opportunistic privatization of water resources.


  1. There must be a different mix of chemicals in these Chemtrails for the E. Coast compared to W. Coast. We are experiencing rain to severe thunder storms every 3 days w/ 2 to 3 inches of rain.
    These chemtrails are deployed from early AM and PM hours through the moon lite hours. They cover areas from Aberdeen Proving Grounds to Andrews Air force Base to Dulles Airport to Wash DC to Richmond VA to Ft. Meade/NSA to Langley AFB/NASA to Norfolk NOB to Camp Lejeune 24/7 sky writing sometimes looking like Etch-a- Sketch..

  2. In Dane Wigington’s video at geo-engineering.com, he explains how spraying on the west coast dries up moisture and “migrates” water to the east simulating heavy precipitation. Also the HAARP resonance alters the jet stream, tearing huge holes in the ozone layer.

    Yes, he speaks about different kinds of spray as well. Sometimes I am seeing a mega-huge trail x2 that literally covers 3/4 of the sky. Scary.

    Somehow I hope we find these criminals that are so arrogant to believe they can play with a planet like a toy; deciding life and death.

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