Michelle Obama a “Transgender” Based on Scientific Evidence 8

A reporter interviewed Joan Rivers on her way to an event and asked if she thought a gay president would take office before a female candidate. Rivers replied:

“We already have it with Obama, so let’s just calm down.”

Rivers topped herself when she followed that line with:

“You know Michelle is a tranny,  you know, a transgender. We all know. It’s ok.”

While most people thought Rivers was cracking jokes for the camera, she was apparently dead serious.

Analysis by a forensics expert distinguishes the anatomy of a man from that of a woman.  Michelle Obama has a prominent male feature – an Adam’s Apple.  But that’s just the beginning.

Sexual preference is not the issue – it’s the “in-the-closet” White House, media and Congressional  secrecy that is the public outrage.

Dr. Oz Investigative report determines Joan Rivers died due to fatal reaction to a procedure to which Rivers had not authorized.


When Rivers said “we all know” (Michelle is a tranny and Obama is gay) she was talking about Hollywood, CNN, Rachel Maddow, MSNBC, FOX News, politicians and members of congress.

While legitimate questions remain about Obama’s birth certificate, the media and Washington elite are caught perpetuating an obvious lie about the legitimacy of the so-called “first family”.

Now we are compelled to ask about the true identity of the two children occupying the white house as Michelle’s alleged children.

The Obamas and their alleged daughters Malia (R) and Sasha (L), sitting for a family portrait in the Green Room of the White House in September 2009.




  1. Joan Rivers is a comedienne… The fact that someone like you who wants to be taken seriously about chemtrails would use a Rivers’ comment to disparage our President and his First Lady is deplorable. How low can the likes of bigots and fear mongers go? Well, I guess we all know now, don’t we? I’m ashamed to call you an American.

    • When Barry and Michael as President and First Lady deliberately keep secrets about their sexual identity it makes them targets for blackmail. This amounts to a huge threat to national security and allows the chemtrails perpetrators to have their way.

      A person as smart as you should be able to understand how this endangers America. — Everything is connected.

    • Have you forgotten the First Amendment or perhaps ur not sure what it is.. ( Freedom of speech) you should be more concerned with calling your self a American Barbra Snowberger . I know if it was true i would feel very played by a president that has so much good to say about gays transgenders and the like. A closed mind is a mind wasted always question never take anything at face-value or will will be walked off a cliff without questioning if a bridge or ladder is below what u cant see. because someone is a comedienne that makes them a bobble brain.. ?

      • You are correct. Everything is connected. Barbara presumes that I should self-censor my talents to something that serves her narrow interests. This is a very selfish wish-list that reveals a naïve view of the world. How could she regard Obama as being without criticism if he’s covering up chemtrails, Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing and 9/11 etc. Radical liberals are a dangerous control group who presume to have the moral high ground..

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  3. this article is ridiculous and I really dont care about their personal lives .. stick to geoengineering .. !! this is the most critical issue happening and you are wasting everyones time with this drivel! sheesh !!

    • Bonnie….It should matter to you that Obama can easily be blackmailed to comply to chemtrails and much worse. This story is connected to everything that you don’t like about your government. Try to connect the dots on all stories. — Chemtrails is not an entertainment feature. It’s deadly serious and I hope you are doing the right thing by being an activist to stop chemtrails to your family, community, church and neighbors.

      The fact that Obama is keeping secrets about his sexual identity as an extreme issue of national security.

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