Russian Research to Turn Lightning into Weapon of War 2

russia-today headerElectrifying: Giant futuristic ‘Tesla Tower’ in abandoned woods near Moscow
July 06, 2014


 No, it’s not an alien colony, a time machine, or even a Russian version of America’s ionospheric HAARP program. But in a forest near Moscow, this Soviet-era “lightning machine” has a capacity arguably equal to Russia’s entire electricity output.

Bloggers flock to see this technical marvel, which has been dubbed the “High Voltage Marx and Tesla Generators Research Facility.” The testing range, a branch of the Russian Electrical Engineering Institute, is in the sleepy town of Istra, 40 kilometers west of Moscow. *** Continue


  1. Video games are chock full of hidden messages concerning the plans of our rulers, and black technology (and hidden history). Here is a video of a game from the mid-90s which feature the Russian side (in the game) using Tesla towers as defense towers/weapons.

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