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Note: Francis Mangels appeared in the documentary  “What in the World Are They Spraying”.  Mangels has been attacked by trolls and quoted out of context (mis-quoted) on his position with respect to the consequences of covert aerosol geoengineering, aka “chemtrails”.

An excerpt from the documentary featuring Mangels (currently viewed over 1.5 million times) can be viewed HERE


By Dan Baum, 6/28/2014

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Francis Mangels

Excerpt 1:  “Then, of course, cloud seeders have had to contend with those who believe that they are interfering with God’s plan; with those who think it is a capitalist plot to privatize the weather; and with those who are convinced that cloud seeding, crop dusting and even the contrails of high-flying jetliners are part of a “diabolical chemtrail genocide aerosol spraying operation” run by the government. 

One Web site,, describes how “Cloud Seeding Will Kill Us All.”

Some of the paranoia derives from the fact that silver iodide, a chemical used to develop photographs, is indeed toxic, especially to fish, and it is not just conspiracy theorists who worry about slinging the chemical around the atmosphere.

Mainstream environmental groups have questioned the safety of cloud seeding since the 1970s, especially in light of seeding’s dubious effectiveness.

Francis Mangels, a former wildlife biologist for the U.S. Forest Service in California’s Shasta-Trinity National Forest, has been fighting cloud seeding for years. “Silver iodide is an aquatic insect poison,” Mangels told a reporter in 2010. “Cloud seeding has never been adequately shown to work; it fails 95 percent of the time, and it’s poison. Doesn’t that say it all?”

Not quite. The truth is that, though toxic, silver iodide is applied in such tiny quantities as to be all but impossible to measure in the environment. The kind of clouds that are ripe for seeding generally contain between 10,000 and 30,000 kilotons of water, so the 40-odd grams of silver iodide used in a typical seeding is infinitesimal.”

Don’t be fooled by the Baum’s intentional hyperbole: “…diabolical chemtrail genocide aerosol spraying operation” run by the government”.

The covert geoengineering operation in America and abroad is well documented by observation, recorded events and scientific publications.  The hyperbole is mostly encouraged by infiltrators who intend to discredit the rational expression of public awareness by discrediting thousands of genuinely concerned citizens as a bunch of wild-eyed conspiracy theorists.

Retired scientist, Cliff Carnicom is an example of serious, fact-based protest backed by thorough research and analysis aspired to by core activists attempting to expose the covert, military geoengineering operation.  Carnicom’s publications to document chemical aerosols spraying from jet aircraft began in 2000, including a documentary released in 2005. None of his 1200 pages of research make the claim of government sponsored “genocide”, incorrectly alleged in Baum’s reckless assertion.  His publications are available at   His documentary “Aerosol Crimes” is available here


joe-golden-DHS Operation HAMP HeaderBaum’s article goes on the mention an interview with Joe Golden, who was involved the Hurricane Aerosol Microphysics Program (HAMP) in 2009 –  a project supported by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Israel, apparently not mentioned by Golden in his coffee-drinking interview with author, Dan Baum.

The stunning conclusion of HAMP revealed the effectiveness of making tropical cyclones weaker or stronger by deploying nano-sized aerosols and/or black carbon into strategic locations within the circulation.

The HAMP research confirms that aerosols deployed from aircraft can have a profound effect on weather and on earth’s climate, especially when deployed globally, at regular intervals, and for extended periods.

Final HAMP Report: “Improving Hurricane Forecasts by Evaluating the Effects of Aerosols on Hurricane Intensity”

Excerpt 2:  “To government officials making funding decisions in a highly charged political environment, though, conflicting data have been an excuse to withdraw from an increasingly controversial enterprise. “At a certain point, the [federal] government said, ‘To hell with it; it’s not worth it,’ and got out of funding research altogether”

in the early 1980s, said Joseph Golden, who once chaired NOAA’s now defunct Atmospheric Modification Program and who today works with the Utah-based Weather Modification Association, a consortium of 18 Western cloudseeding projects.

Golden is a jolly and ruddy man in his 60s. When we met for coffee in Boulder, Colo., he was ready to talk for hours about the fecklessness of the federal research establishment. “We need to have a neutral evaluator [of the data]. That would be the government. But there is no federal presence in supporting research because it is controversial.” So for the past 20 years, scientists studying weather modification in the U.S. have done so without federal funding.”

Golden is correct that the federal government denies involvement in the covert aerosol geoengineering operation in plain sight – aka “Chemtrails”.

Complete S.A. article (PDF): Click Here

Joe Golden presents HAMP at 2010 AMS meeting



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