Engineered Clouds Dusted With Black Carbon 3

Disturbing Assessment of Covert Global Aerosol Geoengineering: 6/22/2014

Black Carbon emissions

Using the NASA interactive WORLDVIEW service for viewing daily images from the TERRA amd AQUA polar satellites.

This assessment suggests a change in covert, global aerosol deployment.

1) Although geoengineering evidence dominates the artificial cloud-cover, it’s apparent in this one video, that fewer jet trails can be distinguished.  These obse, although these observations will require more time to establish. Instad of jet trails we observe more areas where aerosols appear to be released in the cirrus level as a bolus or “dump”. (aka chem-dump, or chem-bomb)

2) New geoengineering pattern of deploying aerosols that appear dark and dirty in hue/color. (carbon black?).  A noticeable appearance of “angry clouds” was previously observed north of the Azores.  The satellite captured radio frequency  transmission originating from San Miguel island and aimed directly at these dark, roiling group of clouds. (Sau Miguel is.)

In 2009, NOAA and DHS established that aerosols have a powerful effect on tropical cyclones.  Of special concern is the HAMP investigators found that Carbon Black aerosols are an effective method to INCREASE intensity of tropical cyclones .  Presumably, carbon black can be applied to other atmospheric systems with rotational characteritics.  (HAAMP)

Direct Youtube link

Powerful EM Radiation Originating at Sau Miguel Island (AZORES)

5/2/2014 Disturbing satellite images reveal Tesla aerosol Climate modification originating from Sao Miguel in the Azores.

UPDATE: Possible prelude to geoengineered floods over Italy and Bosnia (BBC)

5-2-2014 Teslas Wx Mod Sao Miguel Island Azores-a

The angry clouds in the cone of the electromagnetic wave propagation appear very dark, suggesting black carbon was used as cloud seeding to manufacture intense weather as it moves into western Europe.

In 2009, NOAA and the DHS established that black carbon aerosols arre capable of intensifying the circulation in tropical cyclones. Manufacturing cyclonic activity with Tesla propagation into clouds seeded with metalic black carbon could be an alternative method of weather weaponization and artificial climate change.

The cone of electromagnetic radiation (radio waves) is made “visible” by the aluminum and barium semi-conductive properties of the aerosols. Normal water-vapor clouds would not visibly react to radio waves in this way.

The apparent result of weather modification on 5/2 is a manufactured cyclone on 5/3 as it moves east to strike land mass in the EU north to Scandanavia (source)

Notice how the chemtrails sprayed in the Gulf of Mexico – including those associated with the Pensacola flood – have moved across Florida to supply aerosol seeding for operations at Sau Miguel.

Click on each image below for full resolution


5-2-2014 Teslas Wx Mod Sao Miguel Island Azores-b


5-2-2014 Teslas Wx Mod Sao Miguel Island Azores-cc


5-3-2014 Tesla Wx Mod Sao Miguel Island Azores-a






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