Predicting Chemtrails – Sunspots, Cloud Cover and Relative Humidity Reply

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Sep 3 2002
Edited Oct 08 2002
Edited Nov 08 2002
Edited Oct 29 2003
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Clifford E Carnicom

Model correlation is statistically significant at 98% level as of 11/08/02

Additional Notes Oct 29 2003:

Please note that this article was authored on Sep 3 2002. The additional factor of vertical column aerosol density, most easily measured by star magnitude visibility, appears also to be significant in the prediction of the onset of the aerosol operations in a particular region.

Research over an extended period of time indicates that there is likely a strong relationship between the appearance of the aerosol operations in a given locale and time and the interaction of the following primary variables:

  • Sunspot activity
  • Relative humidity
  • Change in relative humidity
  • Relative cloud cover

Cliff CarnicomThe inclusion of the solar activity within this current examination may be a significant avenue of research that establishes a series of ties with earlier discussions related to ionospheric, electromagnetic and defense projects, applications of HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) and plasma physics that also appear on this site. Current studies on planetary physics and celestial considerations may demonstrate further relationships to the aerosol operations in the future.

This current work expands upon earlier presentations that have been made in the spring of 2001 related primarily to the relative humidity issue. These papers are available at The Aerosol Reports : United States; A Model Under Development and The Aerosol Report. This earlier work focused upon the consideration of relative humidity values across the nation in conjunction with observed aerosol operations. The result of that earlier work indicated a close link between increased relative humidity levels that were scaled according to local conditions and the likelihood of concurrent aerosol operations. Other researchers and considerable anectodal information have also added to that body of correlations that now exist.

Since that time, increased attention has been given to the drought crisis that has emerged over the last three to four years, and further links from a scientific standpoint have been made to the aerosol operations with these events. Readers may wish to refer to the following paper Drought Inducement as well as an audio interview with Mr. Jeff Rense (June 4, 2002) on this same topic. Readers may also wish to become familiar with the the refuting arguments that I have made against any so-called “global warming mitigation” aerosol theories (e.g., Edward Teller) that have been proffered by certain well-publicized journalists and broadcasters. Analysis indicates that the introduced aerosols will aggravate the so-called “global warming” problem rather than lessen it. My concerns on the drought issue and the potential crisis that is likely to affect food production and water availability now and in the future have only been amplified since those presentations were made. It appears to me that it will be difficult, if not impossible, for the drought to subside and crops to improve as long as the aerosol operations continue unchecked without public outcry and action.

Local atmospheric electricity and magnetometer observations have also been added to the data set as of Sep 21 2002 and Oct 07 2002 respectively. These observations are a part of current research that expands upon that presented within this page, and they will be explained further at a later time.

This paper will again be divided into two sections. The latter half will outline the more technical aspects of the study, whereas the general findings are presented above. *** Continue

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