NASA Resorts to Brazen Lie to Explain Away Chemtrails as “Contrail Clutter” 3


Clifford E Carnicom
Oct 22 2004
Edited Feb 11 2005

Cliff CarnicomThe highest levels of the United States government have been used to lie to the American public and the world. These lies have culminated in the conduct of a criminal war, and the harm to civilized society from these actions continues to this day.

History will eventually reveal, if it is truthfully written, that the United States Air Force is party to another set of falsehoods that attempt to conceal the nature of the aerosol operations that are being conducted upon the public without their informed consent. These aerosols have now dramatically altered the very nature of the atmosphere in ways that threaten our existence upon this planet. Examination of the issue strongly indicates a dominating military objective as only one of many aspects of the aerosol campaign. The first tactic of choice by the United States Air Force was an attempt to ridicule the issue by authoritatively declaring it as a “hoax.”

This complicity has forayed into the arena of brazen propaganda, and is being conducted by another arm of United States “authority”, the National Atmospheric and Space Administration (NASA). NASA has recently adopted a public strategy of abusing its position of national and public service by attempting to indoctrinate the citizens, including children, that the aerosol operations are a “normal” and expected consequence of daily life and aircraft. Nothing can be further from the truth, as is also apparent from an honest and thorough examination of the issue.

The latest strategy, apparently in partial reaction to the failures of the “hoax” declaration, would earn a rank of commendation from George Orwell himself. The doublespeak from NASA now characterizes the onslaught of aerosol operations, i.e., the deliberate and systematic injection of massive amounts of particulates into our atmosphere by aircraft, as “CONTRAIL CLUTTER” and as “SPECIAL CLOUDS”.

The “clutter” and “special clouds” are now to be counted by our children in staged “educational” events. These events serve the purpose of indoctrination for an Orwellian world that declares the operations to be “normal”. It is a world in which there is no need to question this authority.

In a desperate lie, NASA attempts to name these chemically persistent jet trails as, “Contrail Clutter   (NASA)

The following excerpts exist from recent public web sites that are administered by NASA:  ***continue

NASA lies about Contrail Clutter-b

 NASA – Astronomy Picture of the Day2004 October 13

Although NASA grossly misrepresents the jet trails as “contrail clutter” they correctly point out that artificial clouds can change and warm the climate as established by climate scientist, Joyce Penner. (source)

NASA Explanation: “Artificial clouds made by humans may become so common they change the Earth’s climate. The long thin cloud streaks that dominate the above satellite photograph of Georgia are contrails, cirrus clouds created by airplanes. The exhaust of an airplane engine can create a contrail by saturating the surrounding air with extra moisture. The wings of a plane can similarly create contrails by dropping the temperature and causing small ice-crystals to form. Contrails have become more than an oddity – they may be significantly increasing the cloudiness of Earth, reflecting sunlight back into space by day, and heat radiation back to Earth even at night. The effect on climate is a topic of much research. You can help NASA measure the actual abundance of contrails by participating in a contrail counting exercise that runs over the next two days. “

NASA fails to inform the reader that the  “surrounding air” must approach near water vapor saturation (relative humidity) in order to form a persistent contrail.  Moreover, the technology of the High Bypass turbofan engine increases the difficulty of a turbofan engine to form a persistent contrail since combustion (the source of water vapor) only involves 20% of the air intake to produce 100% of the engine thrust. (more)

U. Wyoming high altitude weathersonde data do not support conditions of near saturated relative humidity required for the formation of persistent contrails in this 10/13/2004 image. (Source)





  1. Many of us already know what’s being perpetrated upon the human population. The ones who refuse to look up and SEE what’s different than it used to be, are the future generation who will die younger, have fewer children even when they want them, and the ones who are born will die younger than the Baby Boomers are… I don’t know why it’s being done, but I do feel that those who are the perpetrators of it, fully understand that the result will be the eventual die-out of the humans we’ve always known as “normal.” Ignore at your own risks. Waste your money on Fertilization Techniques which result in weaker children who have lax immune systems and require far more medicinal treatments than those of the past. Bankrupt the healthcare system. And too many of you will be lucky to out-live your children whose life expectancies are going down yearly. This is a genocide being dealt upon us – all of us – the world over. It may not have begun with this terrible side affect in mind, but you can be sure that unless your parents are very wealthy and you are clandestinely immunized against whatever is in the chemtrails, you will suffer far more and live years less than those who are ignorant to what’s being done to all of us. LOOK at photos taken before 1980 and SEE the difference in the skies and clouds. If you can’t see for your selves the difference, then I pity your ignorance. I’m so old, I shouldn’t really care, because I have no children who will be affected. I was smart. I could see it coming long before those geo-engineered clouds began polluting everything we eat and drink. The more the younger people have to spend on pharmaceuticals, the more enslavement you will suffer at the Laws of those who for some reason are immune. They will call it “good genes” but unless you’re fortunate to have whatever it is that’s saving the 1%, you will become what the 99% is already experiencing. If you care anything at all about your fellow humans, regardless of their status, it’s time for you to stand up and find a way to stop the geo-engineering for ALL of the rest. It’s up to you; all of the. The 1% AND the 99% must realize you are all in this together if you want a world that’s familiar.

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