Examination of Chemtrails Reveals Asymmetry, Pulses and Core Tracks 1

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Aerosol Asymmetry:
Core Tracks & Pulse Observations

Clifford E Carnicom
Santa Fe, NM
May 14 2007
Edited May 29 2007

Cliff CarnicomA significant set of observations has taken place. On Mother’s Day and the day following of 2007, another major aerosol operation was conducted over the skies of the Santa Fe, New Mexico region. A more detailed visual examination of some of these emissions has been made; mechanical, artificial and systematic introduction of the aerosols appears evident. There are two primary observed anomalies at this time: the first of these is the presence of what may be referred to as “core tracks” (ribbon-like; possibly filamentous in nature) and the second is the repeated presence of a characteristic “pulse” emission. The behavior and character of these anomalies is now being presented and an adequate basis for further examination exists with this article. These characteristics are completely out of accordance with any claims of meterological discontinuities in the atmosphere, any uniform fluid or gas dynamic analysis, and any unmodified combustive process. It is apparent that distributions of discrete material into the atmosphere are taking place. Complete Identification of these processes and the unusual chemical and physical reactions that accompany them are required to safeguard the welfare and interests of the citizens of this planet.  A set of control photographs exist at the end of this report.  *** Continue

Carnicom Chemtrails Asymmetry, Core Tracks

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