Arizona Senator to Convene Chemtrail Hearing in Kingman on June 25th 11

Arizona State Legislature Heading

Former Senator, Karen Johnson brief message to activists: VIDEO

Senator Karen Johnson in WITWATS Documentary:  VIDEO

Posted: Friday, June 20, 2014 (Source)

Lake Havusu, AZ: (Info)


Seanator Kelli Ward ArizonaMysterious white streaks in the skies over Mohave County are the subject of a meeting next week scheduled by state Sen. Kelli Ward.

Ward says the meeting was called to respond to concerns by her constituents about the so-called chemtrails that appear in the sky after jets fly by.

The meeting will be held at 5 p.m. Wednesday (6/25/2014) at the Board of Supervisors Auditorium in the county administration building in Kingman.

Ward said she has received a lot of communication from constituents who feel they are not being listened to and aren’t confident in the air and water testing being conducted in the area. She said some of her constituents have questioned a connection between the chemtrails and a heightened level of certain minerals in their blood.

“They are concerned because many of them have had blood work, and they are concerned about our air and water, so I want ADEQ (the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality) to come out and reassure them,” Ward said.

Ward said she is confident that the air and water in Mohave County are safe and pointed to naturally occurring minerals that could account for heightened levels of mercury and other minerals in blood tests.

“I have gotten a lot of communications from people who are concerned and there has been a sense that no one has been doing anything for them to address those concerns,” she said. “I can’t do field tests on the water, but I can connect them to the people who do.”

Chemtrails over Havusu City

Covert Geoengineering in the Skies Over Havusu City, Az

Chemtrails are shown above Lake Havasu City. Residents are concerned about their effects on health and weather.

Sherri Zendri, administrative counsel, and Beth Hager, public affairs director, of the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality will make a short presentation at the meeting and focus on the department’s lack of regulatory authority over any type of chemical spraying, according to department communications director Mark Shaffer.

He said the department for the past years has regularly received calls and emails from people in Mohave County and throughout the state that are concerned with chemtrails or other types of “geoengineering,” but has maintained its position that there is no evidence to support those claims.

“Our standard response has been that there is no credible scientific evidence about chemical spraying or geoengineering,” Shaffer said.

But you don’t have to look far to find Havasu and Mohave County residents who think there are still questions to be answered and concerns to be addressed. Small business owner Robert Hunter, 31, of Havasu is one of those residents.

“There’s a lot of conspiracy theories about chemtrails and they may or may not be true,” Hunter said. “But when it comes down to it, the government isn’t telling us everything. We have a right to know what’s going on, and there’s definitely something going on.”

Hunter said he can only speculate on what the chemtrails are being used for but pointed to a variety of sources that he said suggests the chemtrails could be related to climate control. He also said he has seen chemtrails when he has traveled outside of the state.

“I’ve read that chemtrails can change weather patterns,” Hunter said. “I do believe that there’s global warming because of nuclear testing, space shuttles, etc. So I think there is some kind of combat happening to keep temperatures normal.”

Jennifer Cramer of Havasu said she’s noticed chemtrails in town for about two years.

“Every time they do chemtrailing there is some dramatic change in the weather. I noticed it this weekend and then it got very windy,” Cramer said. “I’m not a scientist and I don’t know what’s in the (chemtrails). I think we have a right to know instead of worry about it every day.”


  1. I’ve been trying to find the flight paths over where I live on the Kent Coast UK but guess what its not showing up just lots of broken links or just rubbish 😦 we have no directly close airports near us but this morning the sky was riddled with chem trails 😦

    • I’ve wondered the same thing, Chad. And it’s been going on since at least 1999. Possibly funded by some of those trillions the Pentagon can’t seem to account for is anyone’s guess.

  2. Look up….that is what I say. PS / more than enough Rothschild fiat shekels to pay the military flybys, and billions of litres of Jetfuel etc.,for this job; imagine the profits going into Rothschild mining concerns for all that barium and aluminum.

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