FBI Endorses Evidence For Controlled Demolition of Twin Towers on 9/11 5


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FBI says Evidence For Controlled Demolition is Backed By “Thorough Research and Analysis”

The 9/11 event was the beginning of the end of our Civil Liberties.

FBI Letter from Heimach to Hsaive AE911Truth 911 DVD Reply

In 2009, the FBI reviewed the forensic analysis provided on the “Blueprint For Truth” DVD and concluded in writing that Richard Gage’s presentation is “… backed by thorough research and analysis.” Download – PDF

History tells us the government has lied to the American people many times about why the US engaged in war. Unclassified documents now reveal the Gulf of Tonkin excuse for escalating the Viet Nam war was a deadly hoax that killed 65,000 American soldiers.

With Iraq and the Middle-east boiling over again, it’s now time to demand that Congress, (Democrats, Republicans and Tea Party) confess to the ongoing coverup.

Take a fresh look at the conclusive scientific evidence endorsed by 2,000 Architects and Engineers and 10,000 petitioners who unanimously agree that explosives were involved in the ultimate demolition of the Twin Towers and WTC, Building 7. Then join in the demand for a new valid investigation of the 9/11 events.   AE911Truth.org

Ae911Truth Blueprint for Truth

Experts Speak Out


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Pilots For 9/11 Truth – 9/11 Intercepted


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  2. This is a video of the missal hitting into the Pentagon. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AuuGcc5ihpY Here you will find the 30 people responsible for planning 9-11-2001 in 1997. All of them are Republicans. Dossier BRussells Tribunal THE BRUSSELLS TRIBUNAL
    Questioning the New Imperial World Order
    A Hearing on the “Project for the New American Century” https://attachment.fbsbx.com/file_download.php?id=517170141690737&eid=ASvc6ZNjCnzQoDLjdMPkearnk4bQ4jz4nB7UHKKPi7ibtb84ki5zlkyIX7dHdKQojCg&inline=1&ext=1376966136&hash=ASvs1P1k_1–1KYG

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