Are Private Planes Spraying Chemicals Above Reigate to Combat Global Warming? 6

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Note: The conclusion from the CASE ORANGE REPORT (Belfort Group, BE) is conclusive for aerosol spraying.  The report also attributes the covert spraying as efforts to mitigate global warming, although the conclusion for AGW mitigation has been widely challenged as wrong or incomplete. (Source)

By Joshua Searle

CONCERNS have been raised that private planes are spraying chemicals into the atmosphere to combat global warming.

Ian Thompson from Reigate believes that some of what are commonly thought to be contrails – vapour trails left in the sky by aircraft – are instead “chemtrails”.

Mr Thompson, 41, says the longevity and the thickness of the trails is evidence of their chemical composition. *** Continue


    • Shooting down a passenger plane will not prove anything except that you are willing to resort to terrorism. Passenger planes are currently used to deploy aerosols. Even if a passenger plane spraying chemtrails would crash in the City, the news media would never be allowed to report that chemtrail aerosols were found at the wreckage. The lying media is your real problem.

  1. How about checking the plane’s interior for ’empty’ chemical barrels when it lands? If the plane is identified in the air, then someone on the ground could be alerted to be at the airport where that particular flight is booked to land – then ‘somehow’ manage to check – or demand to check the interior!!

    • The chemical containers are not in “barrels”inside the aircraft for easy viewing. The “barrells” are mistakenly shown in some photos to represent chemtrail aerosols. They are not. The “barrells” mistakenly shown in these photos are actually legitimate FAA testing for weight and balance to certify aircraft as “Air-Worthy”. The shills are very skilled at planting false info.

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