Inside Look at Left vs Right Battle on Control of Climate Change Reply

Occupy Corporatism header 2

NextGen Climate (NGC), an environmental advocacy group financially supported by Tom Steyer, hedge-fund technocrat, is gearing up to unleash an advert campaign to expose “science deniers”.

Steyer is looking to “demonstrate that you can use climate, you can do it well, you can do it in a smart way, to win political races.”

Armed with $50 million from Steyer and another $50 million being raised right now, NGC plans to “impact politics as it relates to climate.”

NGC will utilize television adverts to convey to the audience “how climate change is already upsetting the environment in each state, hoping to transform climate change from a hypothetical issue to a pocketbook issue.” *** Continue

Billionaire, Tom Steyer


Climate change wedge issue in 2014? Billionaire Tom Steyer hopes so

Tom Steyer may be liberals’ answer to the Koch brothers


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