Sinking Global Warming Propaganda Reveales Titanic Failure of Credibility Reply

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Climate Scientists are jumping ship from the AGW Titanic in record numbers.

Aerosol geoengineering (aka Chemtrails) and Tesla weapons may be succeeding in creating transient weather chaos, flooding and droughts. But if secret aerosol spraying was ever intended to force warming of global surface temperatures the two decade old operation has demonstrably failed.  Instead, it now appears that carbon dioxide is increasingly regarded as irrelevant to changes in overall global surface temperatures in this epoch.  If the IPCC warmists were waiting for the USAF/NATO aerosol geoengineering technology to force warming, they have waited longer than the proponents of junk science have patience to endure.  This video by Ben Davies presents a review of the “iceberg” of cold fats.

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