Serbian Scientists Blames HAARP for Record Floods 2

Scientist, Velimir Abramovic claims HAARP caused record floods


Note: HAARP is being dismantled because the Air Force has found alternate ways to control the Ionosphere (Weather). (Source)

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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

“Today the HAARP system was turned off, expect eartquakes in the next several days”, stated Serbian professor and scientist Velimir Abramovic during a radio broadcast on May 19th.

Abramovic said while the rain lasted in Serbia, there was not a single thunder, which according to him is highly unusual. The rain that fell, he says, didn’t appear like normal rain, rather it fell as if someone was unleashing an entire swimming pool each second. This, according to professor Abramovic are characteristics of an artificially created weather pattern designed by the HAARP systems.

“It seemes as if the sky opened, and sea of water fell from it. These were not rain droplets that you would typically expect to see. This was a designed weather pattern which I might add is not the first, nor will it be the last by HAARP.” says Abramovic.

Interesting to note, during the same interview for Radio “Snaga Naroda” Abramovic predicted that once the HAARP system is turned off, there would be earthquakes. Two days after his prediction, Albania was rattled by a strong 5.2 earthquake which sent the local population in panic. Many homes were damaged, while Abramovic predicted more quakes to come.


  1. Weather modification is so dangerous, and secret implementation is madness.

    You’ve got to ask yourself, In terms of the planet, if one country was responsible for the implementation and it operated transparently with input collected and applied for the good of humanity – well we MIGHT tenuously argue that would be a constructive use of this developed technology, but what happens when other countries begin investing covertly in this technology? Is this a new industry cropping up? Will people be able to buy sunny days, extra rain for their crops, drought for their competitors? How is it going to be implemented?

    What happens if retaliation weather attacks begin from other anonymous countries that make their own discoveries?

    Since geothermal engineering not widely known about, or even accepted as a fact, its going to be implemented before the Earth’s population have a say leaving people to attack one another about the veracity of the evidence, while the planetary weather system is (irrevocably?) altered?

    Have these an all the other questions been considered and mitigated? Are the humans making these decisions on behalf of the entire body of humanity and all other species going to be held fully accountable when disaster strikes?

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