Fifteen Scientists Publish Scathing Rebuttal to 2014 National Climate Assessment 1

Comment:  The scientific community is finally calling out investigators who have been bought and bribed to publish works of IPCC “policy” and “activism” rather than solid science.  The community of activists working against geoengineering – past, present and future – can take heart from the courage of these 15 scientists who have been faithful watchdogs and skeptics of junk science.  Increasing dissent from credible scientists is likely following the recent attack of intimidation and defamation against renowned climatologist, Lennart Bengtsson who is quoted as saying nothing more heretical than: “We cannot yet separate well enough the greenhouse effect from other climate influences”  and declares that climate models are “more a matter of faith than a fact”   (Source)

The Daily Caller HeaderMichael Bastasch –  May 16, 2014

Complete 10 page rubuttal (PDF)

A group of 15 scientists and meteorologists have put forward a scathing rebuttal to the Obama administration’s recent climate report which said the U.S. is already being harmed by global warming.

Scientists skeptical that mankind is causing the Earth’s climate to change say that such claims are based on false theories and flawed models. The White House report is a “masterpiece of marketing” that is trying to scare people into action, scientists said.

“As independent scientists, we know that apparent evidence of ‘Climate Change,’ however scary, is not proof of anything,” wrote the 15 scientists and meteorologists,including Dr. Don Easterbrook of Western Washington University and Dr. George Wolff, who formerly chaired the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee.

“Science derives its objectivity from robust logic and honest evidence repeatedly tested by all knowledgeable scientists, not just those paid to support the administration’s version of ‘Global Warming,’ ‘Climate Change,’ ‘Climate Disruption,’ or whatever their marketing specialists call it today,” they continued.

The White House’s “National Climate Assessment” (NCA), released last week, claimed that the U.S. was already being affected by global warming though warmer temperatures and increasing extreme weather events.

But the 15 skeptical scientists said the White House is trying to lay the blame for global warming at the feet of the fossil fuels industry when there is little evidence to back up that claim. The Earth’s climate is very cyclical and has gone through many changes in the past, the scientists said, without humans emitting carbon dioxide.

“This NCA is so grossly flawed it should play no role in U.S. Energy Policy Analyses and CO2 regulatory processes,” the skeptics wrote. “As this rebuttal makes clear, the NCA provides no scientific basis whatsoever for regulating CO2 emissions.”

“We are asked to believe that humans are drastically changing the earth’s climate by burning fossil fuels,” they added. “The problem with their theory is very simple: It is NOT true.”



The 15 NCA Rebuttal Authors:

Joseph S. D’Aleo  Certified Consultant Meteorologist,  American Meteorological Society Fellow M.S., Meteorology, University of Wisconsin B.S., Meteorology (cum laude), University of Wisconsin

Dr. Harold H. Doiron Retired VP, Engineering Analysis and Test Division, InDyne, Inc. Ex-NASA JSC, Aerospace Consultant B.S. Physics, University of Louisiana – Lafayette M.S., PhD. Mechanical Engineering, University of Houston

Dr. Don J. Easterbrook Emeritus Professor of Geology, Western Washington University Ph.D., Geology, University of Washington, Seattle M.S., Geology, University of Washington, Seattle B.S., Geology, University of Washington, Seattle

Dr. Theodore R. Eck Ph.D., Economics, Mich. State U.; M.A, Economics, U. of Michigan Fulbright Professor of International Economics Former Chief Economist of Amoco Corp. and Exxon Venezuela  Advisory Board of the Gas Technology Institute and Energy Intelligence Group

Dr. Neil Frank B.S., Chemistry, Southwestern College M.S., Ph.D. Meteorology, Florida State Former Director of the National Hurricane Center

Dr. Gordon J. Fulks Ph.D., Physics, University of Chicago M.S., Physics, University of Chicago B.S., Physics, University of Chicago

Dr. William M. Gray Emeritus Professor of Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University Ph.D., Geophysical Sciences, University of Chicago M.S., Meteorology, University of Chicago B.S., Geography, George Washington University  

Art Horn B.Sc. Meteorology Lyndon State College Teaches Meteorology/Climatology at Tunxis Community College TV Meteorologist 25 years, lecturer, expert witness, radio broadcaster

Dr. Thomas P. Sheahen Ph.D., Physics, M.I.T. B.S., Physics, M.I.T.

Dr. S. Fred Singer Fellow AAAS, APS, AGU Prof Emeritus of Environmental Sciences, U of VA Ph. D., Physics, Princeton University BEE, Ohio State University

Dr. Anthony R. Lupo IPCC Expert Reviewer Professor, Atmospheric Science, University of Missouri Ph.D., Atmospheric Science, Purdue University M.S., Atmospheric Science, Purdue University

Dr. Madhav Khandekar Retired Scientist, Environment Canada Expert Reviewer IPCC 2007 Climate Change Documents

George Taylor Certified Consulting Meteorologist President Applied Climate Services Two time President of the American Association of State Climatologists B.A. Mathematics, University of California M.S. Meteorology University of Utah

Dr. James P. Wallace III Jim Wallace & Associates, LLC Ph.D., Economics, Minor in Engineering, Brown University M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Brown University B.S., Aeronautical Engineering, Brown University

Dr. George T. Wolff Former Chair EPA’s Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee Ph.D., Environmental Sciences, Rutgers University M.S., Meteorology, New York University B.S., Chemical Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology May 15, 2014

Al Gore Says the Science in Global Warming is Settled

Politician, Al Gore mistakenly insisted the Science in Global Warming is Settled

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