Documentary: “Goodbye Blue Sky” Exposes Global Genocide 5

Goodbye Blue Sky – Chemtrails, Ignored Genocide From Above
Dylan Eleven – Truth11 Films –

Too many people refuse to believe the fact that an enormous conspiracy of spraying pollution from aircraft is actually taking place over their head with complicit permission from the very same elected officials they voted into office.

This production is a look at the global problem of Aerosol geoengineering religiously ignored by mainstream media, as are many other critical issues.

The author succeeds in explaining the difference between contrails and chemtrails, who is spraying and why.


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  2. Dear Mr. Saive,

    Your efforts to alert the masses are always dependably revealing and incredible, thank you so much…. This latest video encapsulates a great portion of our geo-fakin’ mess, albeit with a few undeniable and glaring typos…. Any way we can correct them, to add credibility to the author’s work?

    My other request is that we somehow unite the entire spineless umbrella of the GAG (Global Aerosol Genocide) by revealing how NEXRAD, GWEN, cell towers, etc., are employed ‘on the ground’ to create masses of LOW, COLD, DARK and DREARY imposters of impending storms (same elevation, same ‘feeling’ we get right before a storm of feeling sleepy, confused, angry) now possible every minute of every day?????

    Mr. Saive, You Tuber  ‘weatherwar101’s revealing material on the subject is awesome, and dark, but he implies that all of the other geo-truthers are ignoring this key foundation to the sky pigs’ constant barrage of U know whats…. His latest reveal on the recent Florida ‘storm’ shows how slick this ‘Disaster Capitalist’s’ juggernaut really is for EVERY cell of EVERY carbon based life form. 

    I am very appreciative of you, and pray every day for the final reveal – a 6 o’clock news type cameo by U, and your favourite TV personality, maybe? For the voiceless, the uninformed, the weary, please help us to further unite our message!

    Yours truly,

    Donna Hebert

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