Covert Geoengineering Causing Catastrophic Collapse of Global Atmosphere 2

Dane Wigington:  Geoengineering

and The Collapse Of Earth 2014

5/15/2014:  With almost one-half million views to date, Dane Wigington delivers hard data to reveal how catastrophic geoengineering programs are contributing to what appears to be an extinction-level event in this century and perhaps our own life-time.



  1. Absolutely amazing the Main Stream Media won’t valiantly come to the rescue and cover this topic responsibly, forthrightly and all at the same time. The issue isn’t whether there’s CAGW or CC. It’s stop the CHEMTRAILING!!! We twittered the collapse of Tunisia, Libya and Egypt overnight but won’t lift a finger to save our future, our children, our own world. What’s wrong with us?
    Our gov’ts owe us a public explanation for what and why they are doing this to us, our children, the world.

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