Amazing Geoengineering Aerosols Photographed Over Dry Lake, California 8

How can one of the driest places on earth produce an entire sky full of bizarre persistent and spreading contrails that block the sun at a solar power plant?

Photographer, Calvin Jones captured much more than the operation at the IVANPAH Solar Electric Generating System in Dry Lake, CA.

The special 360 deg camera Jones used for this feature provides a dazzling display of the sky in all directions.

Click Here to see the original Photosphere

Chemtrails Over Dry Lake California_01

Chemtrails Over Dry Lake California_02

Chemtrails Over Dry Lake California_03

Chemtrails Over Dry Lake California_04


  1. How can we get these chemtrails from being sprayed on us daily? Yesterday I was so sick feeling, metal taste in mouth and foggy head. Heavy duty spraying all weekend, and again today. Please tell us how to get them to stop sickening us?>

    • Shower before you go to bed and find a group willing to speak out to local and national authorities. Start with your own City/County council.

  2. The fallout is as I remember being east of Mt St Helen when it blew 34 years ago. Those Solar panels will need to be cleaned daily to retain any semblance of functional productivity.

  3. Geoengineering
    by Jeff “chemtrail” Prager

    Geoengineering is being discussed widely across the globe, at the UN, by international agencies and groups like the European Union, by NASA, by Rutgers, Cornell, Harvard, Yale, Princeton and other colleges and by a wide variety of government agencies planet-wide, from Homeland Security to the Department of Defense right here at home.

    If you spend time learning about Geoengineering you’ll learn some fundamental truths:

    1. it’s dangerous

    2. we know it’s dangerous

    Best to avoid the trolls like Jay Reynolds and Mick West.

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