DISINFO: BUSTED Pilot Forgets To Turn Off Chemtrails While Landing 6

Video Gone “VIRAL” For Wrong Reason

Original Video Title:  “BUSTED Pilot Forgets To Turn Off CHEMTRAILS While Landing”

With opportunities to make comments disabled,  this video is a possible attempt to discredit the Geoengineering activist community.

CIA 6in Chemtrails Logo copy

The trails behind this aircraft are created by conditions of near saturated relative humidity (RH) as the plane comes in for a landing.

Although no data is presented to support high RH, the video reveals very humid conditions on the runway.

The various wing vortices create changes to selectively lower the atmospheric pressure behind the wing surface with the result that the air  becomes super-saturated (above 100% RH).  The consequences are visible and persistent “trails” of water vapor….not “chemtrails”.

Source: Condensation from decrease in pressure

Even though the conclusion of “chemtrails” is misrepresented, this video serves as an example that near saturated RH is required in order that a persistent contrail will form wherever the aircraft is flying.

Just as in this video, conditions of near saturated RH are also required in order to form a persistent contrail when the aircraft is cruising at 36,000 feet.

But decades of historic atmospheric data confirms relative humidity almost NEVER climbs to near 100% saturation between at altitudes between 30 to 40 thousand feet where almost all commercial jets are routed to fly.

Conclusion:  The hypothesis of Aerosol Geoengineering (aka Chemtrails) is supported when current and historic data show relative humidity above 30,000 feet almost NEVER climbs to near saturation of 100%.*

“If the atmosphere is near saturation, the contrail may exist for some time. Conversely, if the atmosphere is dry, the contrail will dissipate quickly.”

* USAF Contrail Facts, Page 13 (PDF)

* U. Wyoming Upper Atmospheric Data


  1. There are two flavours of saturation: with respect to water and with respect to ice.
    Formation of persistent contrails depends on ice saturation which equals around 60 percent of water saturation in cold environments.

    So water saturation of 100% is never needed.

  2. The article said “Even though the conclusion of “chemtrails” is misrepresented, this video serves as an example that near saturated RH is required in order that a persistent contrail will form wherever the aircraft is flying.”

    That is absolutely wrong. This is disinformation presented as fact.
    You are mixing aerodynamic contrails with jet engine exhaust-caused contrails.

    Mixing everything together into one big undefinable mush is why you don’t understand the subject you claim to be experts on (the atmosphere and clouds/contrails).
    For an example, you think that cloud seeding patents somehow prove that contrails are instead “chemtrails” for some magical unknown reason that is not supported by science or evidence.

    Ask any pilot or meteorologist.
    We don’t fall for these myths because we ARE REQUIRED TO LEARN and understand how the atmosphere works.

    For aerodynamic contrails to be formed from the reduction in pressure and temperature caused by the acceleration of air over the upper surface of the wing, the relative humidity must be quite high.

    For jet engine contrails to form the RH must be something more than 70% depending on temperature). Google “Appleman chart”.

    CHOOSE to inform yourself and have a great day!

    If you would like evidence of how meteorology works there is plenty available.
    Google “contrails” “saturation” or “relative humidity” “water change of state” or “deposition” “appleman chart” “contrails” “Cirrus clouds”
    http://www.contrailsciece.com is excellent.

    If you think that http://www.contrailsciece.com is a site created by “paid government disinfo agents” and that anyone who does not agree with your beliefs is “a government agent”, then you should also google “delusion”.

    You don’t have to live in fear of fiction… unless you choose to follow this path and keep your ignorance in place by not learning about the atmosphere and using confirmation bias to dismiss anyone and anything that does not confirm the beliefs you hold.

    • I stand by the science that high relative humidity is required in both cases. Contrailscience.com and Metabunk.org websites are run by Mick West, a disinfo agent who has led you astray.

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