NASA Targets School Children to Teach Cloud and Contrail Disinformation 4

NASA SCOOL Cloud Observations Header

NASA is working their way into the public schools beginning at the First Grade to convince our children that chemical dumps into the atmosphere to engineer the climate are normal contrails and clouds.

This assault on science is promoted as a method to “validate” the CERES satellite observations. 

The program essentially indoctrinates children with unsupported data and dubious graphics assembled into a Power Point presentation of selection bias and contradictions.

EXAMPLE: SciGirls 303: SkyGirls – Sponsored by The National Science Foundation (NSF) as a transparent disinfo project to normalize chemical dumps into the atmosphere. The students have their egos inflated by participating as “Citizen Scientists”.  Notice towards the end, examine the poster to see depictions of “contrails” that bend in a hair-pin loop. This might be comical if it were not so tragic.

7/10/2015: Virginia SciGirls Emma, Lauren and Madison have the ultimate “stratus update!” Teaming up with NASA scientists, they identify clouds from the ground and compare their data with satellite images, ultimately creating a “mostly cloudy” museum display.

Keep in mind that very few children through age 14-16 are likely to have completed enough physics or math courses to prepare them to be skeptics of this presentation. The result is NASA’s mind-washing of the next generation who are taught to value authority over critical thinking.

The video presentation found at NASA’s S’COOL multi-media page was re-mixed in order to expose NASA’s insidious campaign to promote pseudo-science as a political tool connecting a false reality of contrails to global climate change propaganda.

NASA needs teachers to participate in student deception. Here’s what they offer:

Become a GLOBE Teacher:  Attend teacher training workshops to receive certification, including professional development on data collection techniques following GLOBE protocols and the implementation of GLOBE pedagogical models for inquiry-based research to help students answer scientific research questions.  (More)

Students: Have your teacher view this article before allowing them to send you to NASA “S’Cool” program.

NASA letter of invitation to Educators

(Note:  Student observers will likely use disinformation on key issues of contrail and cloud formation as the basis or their feed-back to (incorrectly) validate CERES satellite observations. Don’t let NASA get away with this.)

Dear Educator,

We are enlisting schools and interested groups to participate in a hands-on project relevant to the NASA Earth Science Enterprise. The project is called S’COOL, for Students’ Cloud Observations On-Line. Students will make ground truth measurements for the Clouds and the Earth’s Radiant Energy System (CERES) experiment. Ground truth measurements are land-based observations to compare with satellite data for the purpose of improving the satellite results.

The S’COOL Project is now in its operational phase. Teachers and others are invited to participate as it best fits with the material they are teaching in the classroom or areas of interest. Occasional Intensive Observing Periods (IOP) will still be announced, during which we would like to receive the most observations possible to contribute to validation of the CERES instrument data (see Website

Participants are asked to make some basic weather observations and to record the type and features of clouds in the sky at the time that the satellite passes over their location. Observations are then, either entered in an online form, emailed, faxed or mailed to NASA for entry into an online database. Students have access to their results as well as those from others participating. Satellite observations for matching times will also be captured so that the participants and CERES scientists can evaluate the results.

Those interested in participating can use our handy On-Line form.
If you have trouble with the form, then try this.
Registered participants will receive some instructional materials, satellite overpass times, and information necessary for reporting results.

There is no cost involved.

S’COOL is a joint project of the Atmospheric Science Competency, Atmospheric Science Data Center (ASDC), and Office of Education at NASA’s Langley Research Center. Additional information and background materials can be found on the World Wide Web at or by request to the address above.

Consider becoming part of our observation team at your location,

The S’COOL Team – (The invitation was deleted after 2015 but the source remains on

Atmospheric scientist Jasper Kirkby Confirms Jets Dumping Aerosols High in Atmosphere.  This except provides all the reasonable doubt necessary to be skeptical of the NASA “S’cool” project.



Related From Cliff Carnicom:  

“The highest levels of the United States government have been used to lie to the American public and the world. These lies have culminated in the conduct of a criminal war, and the harm to civilized society from these actions continues to this day.

History will eventually reveal, if it is truthfully written, that the United States Air Force is party to another set of falsehoods that attempt to conceal the nature of the aerosol operations that are being conducted upon the public without their informed consent.”

NASA Resorts to Brazen Lie to Explain Away Chemtrails as “Contrail Clutter”



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