Citizens File $60 Million Suit Against Government Failure to Respond to Chemtrails Questions 46

Jasper Chemtrails-Aerosols

UPDATE:  CHEMTRAILS CONFIRMED: Climate Scientist Admits Jets Are “Dumping Aerosols”

Original Post: Geoengineering Watch

4/1/2014: Four thousand Swedish Citizens file $60 million class Action suit against Swedish government for not responding to questions about covert geoengineering, aka Chemtrails.

On April 1, 2014, charges were filed against the Swedish government and three of its agencies to the nation’s Chanceller of Justice for widespread and systematic violations of the much heralded “public principle” (“offentlighetsprincipen” similar to FOI).

The violations occurred when the government failed to respond to over 4,000 citizen requests for information related to the ubiquitous spraying of aerosols over the country from aircrafts (a k a “chemtrailing”) that has been going on for several years.  *** Continue

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    • one usefull way should be: shoot ’em down!! – I know, in some of those airplane are people (passagier) which know nothing what the airlane do in which they are … but, folks, somebody do poisoned a billion of peole …. it mean: a small collateral damage is not soooooo bad –
      if Bush/Obama can say that by killing a 100.000 people for own interest of some small group of people/capitalist – I/we can say that for 1% of those if we do it really for right stuff for everyone interrest and save a future!!)

  2. Nick, if the government really cared about global warming we would all be driving around in cars that run on water and we would all have free energy because the technology is there (has been for years)!! U ever heard of Nicola Tesla? check him out! The government/corporate companies do not care about you or me!

    • Yu fking kidden me mate. You are saying that free energy is here, they are just suppressing it somehow. What is your evidence in this case? Bring it forth, because it is a very, very important thing to have evidence for. What we are talking about here is criminal action. What has happened to justice? We are in a big court room, why in the hell are people not bringing this evidence forth??? Bring it! Give it here! How can the people that ‘know this’ not be bringing the evidence forth in the big court in session here? If there are people who ‘know’ but are not bringing the evidence forth, that is an equal crime, because it is they who are clogging the artery that will stop the heart that is the human race!

  3. If the governments were doing this for the better of all they would be shouting their good-intentions from every news station across the globe. Treating citizens as stupid children who can’t be trusted with the truth creates distrust, so does a history of abuse of power, technology and trust.

  4. Brainwashed…. you would be so disarmed when you find out how BAD you are brainwashed to follow and say what you say ! GLobal warming is the decoy their are other sinister intentions behind aluminum dioxide… but judging by what you are saying you don’t mind it… RESEARCH THE ISSUE. FIND OUT THE TRUTH. DARE TO DIG.


  6. Climate change? Like howv their interference with the natural weather patterns has been causing rain snow sleet hail or a mixture every three days…every time the sky is clear and the sun is fully exposed…not too long after the spraying begins…criss crossing around the sun first…then in various patterns in the sky following the the path of the sun…what about the yellow power that covers the cars and gathers at water edges? Humans have been reporting excessive build up of mucus, body aches, headaches, nausea and other various ailments..meantime hospitalsare shutting down…food is being tampered with…music is off Hz tone…wifi is choking the air…the list is very long.

  7. Remember, trolls use personal attacks to disrupt and wear you down. Simply don’t respond and they will be ignored.

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  9. Geoengineering? More like terra-forming… TerrorForming is probably a better word for it. Time to WakeUP and Become MoreAware. Look to Your DreamVisions NOW, Life will show YU what IS Real.

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  11. In the tailbone of most, if not all ‘jet’ aircraft is an Auxiliary Power Unit, an APU. Its a ‘jet engine running when the aircraft is on the ground. It too emits vapour.

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