Federal Cattle Thieves Stopped by Armed Ranchers and Citizens at Bundy Ranch 3

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Nevada stand-off looking like Occupy Wall Street with teeth

There is something happening in America as the Cliven Bundy drama unfolds, and a grazing fee dispute in Nevada threatens to turn into a bloodbath.

The cattle rancher has riveted the attention of the nation, as Obama implements a no-fly zone to news helicopters and a massive force of Feds moves in. The spectacle has set the Internet aflame across the political spectrum, mostly with sympathy for the rancher, whether it be from the left or the right.

With Bureau of Land Management police already forced to back down in the face of hundreds, if not thousands, of armed citizens last week, the stand-off is starting to resemble Occupy Wall Street with teeth. Indeed, an Occupy Wall Street branch Occupy the BLM is organizing to bring protesters to the ranch.   *** Continue


  1. What everyone needs to be concerned about is this: All it would take is one of the dark side’s guys to play sniper and we have martial law. It matters not if the victim is one of theirs, or one of ours – the result would be the same. I wish I could say that I know they wouldn’t do that, but I can’t.. we are dealing with dark, dark forces that have no conscious.


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