Environmental Monitoring Captures Covert Geoengineering With Time-Lapse Video Reply

Luke Skywatcher

Apr 14, 2014  Youtube LukeSkywatcher  —  Facebook

Many people are noticing the aggregate effect chemtrails are having on the environment, and the increasing respiratory ailments of people in their cities and towns. We all share pictures online and are able to compare what an area is like on any given day, doing this.

However, I wanted to see whether I could make an effective continual time-lapse of the sky with the bare minimum resources, ( spare computer parts, old wires, recycled monitors, etc.) so that ANYONE interested, would know that THEY TOO, could create their own time-lapse set-up.

With many of us doing this around the world, we could answer the important questions:

Do these chemtrails occur at certain times, on certain days and over certain areas? Are they really sequestering radiation, or cooling the atmosphere? Is there a predictable pattern? Are they happening at the same time in different regions? Do they follow the stages of the sun? Do they affect certain people and types of flora? On the days that they happen, are there more people admitted to hospitals for similar complaints? How do they affect temperature and humidity readings? or vice versa? Does heavy chemtrailing activity precede large storms, or long periods of drought? Is there more activity surrounding an environmental disaster, ie: radiation leaks, chemical spills and unusually destructive tornadic activity?

So, I created this video as a simple, visual, step-by-step guide to making your own set-up in order to prove that ANYONE can do it, with just about any old parts. You don’t have to have amazing equipment, just a little time, a true concern for the world (and your HEALTH) and some determination.

Chemtrails tankers Panel Header-B

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