Italian Senator Demands Public Disclosure Of “Chemtrail” Agreement With US Air Force 7


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Italian senator wants to publish secret agreement with the U.S. on chemtrails

Original Post – April 2nd (Italian)

Italian to English Translation provided by “Google” with comprehensive editing by HSaive
April 2, 2014 By NewsVoice

Senator Domenico Scilipoti MugItalian Senator Domenico Scilipoti has recently requested that the Italian government, through the Prime Minister, publish declassified documents about chemtrails .

The senator from “Forza Italia” alleges the Italian government made ​​secret agreements with the United States.

According to Scilipoti, Italy entered into a bilateral agreement in 2002 with the U.S. on climate research. The following year, in 2003, former Defence Minister Antonio Martino, gave U.S. Air Force permission to fly over Italian airspace.

“From that moment on, our country’s population has been exposed to major health risks”, said the Senator. “The flights emit heavy metals and chemicals in the air, forming long lines, and polluting the rain and damaging agriculture.”

Note 1.   In Italy there is a newly coined term “pentito” which refers to key persons in organized crime who turn state evidence and whose evidence becomes crucial In establishing a case and uncovering cover ups and intrigues . There is no proper word to translate it into English but the literal translation is ” confessed person.”  The new culture of “pentiti” informers in Italy in recent years has started to break the back of the mafia and expose not only mafia gangsters who were protected by long years of Mafia secrecy within the mafia organization (omerta ‘ – silence, wed pain of death) but overpriced their political allies.

Comment:  Pentito appears to be the Italian concept of the USA’s “whistleblower”.

Rodolfo Ragonesi, CEO of the Gaia Foundation,  is clearly a man of truly exceptional courage and focus. While nearly all of the environmental and science communities have remained criminally silent about the blatant and highly toxic climate engineering constantly occurring in skies around the globe, Ragonesi has taken a stand and is demanding answers. Rodolfo’s efforts to expose the truth in Malta are outlined in the link below. *** Continue








  1. Interesting comment on NewsVoice from Hsaive:

    “L’IPCC probabilmente farà tacere chi espone le scie chimiche come la vera fonte del cosiddetto ”cambiamento climatico”, precedentemente chiamato ”riscaldamento globale” fino a quando il riscaldamento interrotto dieci anni fa.”

    Translates into:

    The IPCC will probably silence those who expose chemtrails as the true source of the so-called ”climate change”, formerly called ”global warming” until the heating stopped ten years ago.

    Editor, NewsVoice

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