USMC General Smedley Butler Warns “WAR IS A RACKET” 2

General Smedley Butler Among the first to Identify the dangerous rise of the Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complex

Actor, Graham Frye Portrays Smedley Butler

Smedley Butler War Is A Racket
War is a Racket by Smedley Butler is a famous speech denouncing the military industrial complex.

This speech by two-time Congressional Medal of Honor recipient exposes war profits that benefit few at the expense of many.

Throughout his distinguished career in the Marines, Smedley Darlington Butler demonstrated that true patriotism does not mean blind allegiance to government policies with which one does not agree.

To Hell with War


  1. General Butler is one of my big heros.. In the early 30’s he was approached by the barons of American industry who wanted to abduct FDR and change America into a fascist country. (Amongst these traitors was “grandpa” Prescott Bush – I would submit that his son and later his grandson completed the job, albeit some six or so decades later).. General Butler agreed to listen to their scheme just long enought to compile a list of all the people involved, then he went to congress. The McCormick/Dickstein Commission was established to investigate these claims and after generating over 4500 pages of documents, came to the conclusion that General Butler was telling the truth. However, not a single one of the conspirators were ever questioned, much less arrested for treason(!). When asked why these Hitler loving fascists weren’t arrested, the commitee stated that “we did our job – we investigated and turned our findings over to the justice department – it is THEIR job to make arrests” ……. of course there were no arrests.. This is all factual..and can be found in the library of congress….

    As far as i can remember, general Butler would be the most influential “whistle blower” in American history. He was very well known and beloved by his men and the public alike.. this is probably the ONLY reason he wasn’t killed..

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