More Evidence Flight 370 Electronically Hijacked by AWACS 7


Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: AWACS Hijacking, Sabotage and Propaganda
March 15, 2014
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despicable-me-flight-370-2Update: The reason why we assume that other equipment may also have been used during the AWACS mission, of which flight 370 was a victim, is explained in this 2006 article on a Boeing patent. “Boeing is, of course, not the first autopilot technology in existence, but this one has been designed with counterterrorism first and foremost in mind. Not only is it ‘uninterruptible’ — so that even a tortured pilot cannot turn it off — but it can be activated remotely via radio or satellite by government agencies.” This means and proves that commercial airplanes can be controlled remotely by lets say… the CIA and Mossad!

Therefore there’s no need at all for an agent to be on board of the airplane to ensure it can be taken over and taken to an alternative destination, as the agencies see fit for their operation. The AWACS would certainly provide perfect cover and would hide most traces of the airplane’s signals. As is the case with flight 370.  *** Continue

Hijack Cover Blown when Boeing monitored engines for 5 hours via satellite after Flt 370 allegedly “vanished”

The engines on flight 370 remained connected to satellites as part of a Boeing maintenance routine, and Boeing has confirmed the aircraft remained flying for five full hours after it “vanished” from radar. Obviously the Malaysian military really did track this plane as they originally stated. Someone forced them to back down, only to have Boeing blow it wide open once and for all. *** Continue

More Clues on Malaysian Flight 370

It is now universally recognized that the plane’s course was diverted by human intervention in the cockpit of the plane. Why would the pilots have diverted the plane into the South Indian Ocean? If they wanted to commit suicide, why fly for 7 hours?

Therefore, the only intelligent hypothesis is that put forward by Lyndon LaRouche, which is that this is a 9/11 copycat hijacking by British/Saudi al-Qaeda networks.

LaRouchePAC has compiled a list of clues based on this hypothesis. See Further Developments on likely British-Saudi “9/11 for Asia” Malaysia Air 370 What follows are additional relevant clues.  *** More



Update: Jamming the Enemy

EA 18G Electronic Growler_VX-9 Jet aircraft

Navy EA-18 Growler Electronic Jamming jet

In the shadowy world of electronic warfare, there are no deadly missiles and fiery blasts, but the effect is the same.
March 14, 2014|W.J. Hennigan

As the Pentagon moves beyond the relatively low-tech wars in the Middle East and turns its attention to future national security challenges, it has doubled down on sophisticated new radar-jamming devices that aim to render adversaries’ air defenses useless.

Although the U.S. faced limited resistance in the skies above Iraq and Afghanistan, that would not be the case in Asia, where the Obama administration plans to shift its diplomatic focus and strengthen its defense strategy in the coming decade.

China and North Korea, for example, have quietly invested in advanced sophisticated radar systems, surface-to-air missile batteries, and power-projection capabilities.

So when the Pentagon revealed its fiscal 2015 budget proposal last week, much of the attention was given to a boost in spending on drones and cybersecurity. Less heralded, but vital to U.S. strategic success, experts say, was the high-dollar investment in radar-jamming technology and other electronic warfare. *** More


Homeland Security Newswire

Boeing wins patent on uninterruptible autopilot system

Published 4 December 2006

New technology can be activated by the pilots, government agencies, even on-board sensors.

Not even a tortured pilot can give up control; dedicated electrical circuits ensure the system’s total independence.  *** More


Missing Flight 370 went to Pakistan

Reported by General McInerney

NOT REPORTED:  High Resolution Optical Satellite Over Debris every 15 minutes

COMMENT:  Credibility of this report suffers from McInerney’s disinformation repeating the lie that Osama bin Laden was killed in Pakistan on May 2, 2011.

Video Uploaded 3/23/2014


    • Absolute rubbish by amateurs. 40 years in the military business in war or contractor says get a real education and a real job if you want to play with this stuff way over your heads. First, AWACS has no ability to hi-jack anything as it lacks that potential. If so, please name the system so I can go and look at the fleet and see which one has a configuration not listed or known to the US or its allies. Second, the Boeing reporting system is well-known…but times reporting has nothing to do with the POSIT of the A/C or what was going on…if the TX faded, one cannot assume a crash…Third, not a Saudi (where do you morons get this crap as I lived and worked among the Saudis for 8.5 years, and none of your lies match truth in or out of the Kingdom)/British hijacking, go play with the big boys and dig into the cargo manifests and the two Iranians passengers with 2 passports each going to visit whom – their Mother ???

      We shut down North Korean nuclear and arms sales to Iran thru Miramar last year, so take that from there and add possible nuclear triggers aboard this airliner…where does that lead you?

      And the engine reporting systems is easily shut off by crew as a part of their EDS display systems in the cockpit, so the point of this line of reasoning proves nothing.

      Unless you are in the military,, or a prior intelligence analyst, or flown a 767 or larger aircraft, or familiar with the navigation systems and their limitations as a whole, quit wasting your time with conspiracy theories kiddies…apply that time to studying a real profession and then and only the can reason be based on scientific fact and practical real-world experience.

      Like the other moron thinking Bin Laden is still alive, what will you do with all of these useless conjectures and time when trying to earn a living or apply for a job of consequence and great pay?

      We have lost military aircraft as long as I can remember aboard fast carriers – and no one really knows what often happened…nothing is without risk esp. flying over the Pacific Ocean; and no system fielded today including satellites move instantly or see everything 24-7.

      Bu then this will probably not dissuade any of you without real lives or purpose or profession. 40 years, 24 years of naval aviation and the rest engineer contracted for aviation and air defense systems says you are all wet, so to speak.

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