Photo Images of Chemtrails Spray Nozzles Installed on Commercial Airlines 6

Astronomer tracks Commercial aircraft dumping climate-warming aerosols into the atmosphere

Documents are now available to confirm that NASA orchestrated the official start of a National Weather Modification Program back in 1966 – but the civilian program went top secret when it was usurped by the military to weaponize the weather into what we see in our skies today. Read the story here.

It is the largest conspiracy of your lifetime when you finally wake up to realize the extreme hubris of congress and government agencies when they deny what millions of citizens and independent scientists have documented all too well in our skies as reality.

The growing evidence repeatedly confirms that aircraft are spraying dirty aerosols to:

  • Warm the climate in polar regions for drilling access by BIG OIL as faux “National Security”
  • Continue to fool the global population that climate change is caused by industrial age CO2.
  • Create financial markets or the wealthy based on engineered scarcity of food, water and other resources
  • Create catastrophic storms to promote fear as cognitive distraction to organized rebellion
  • Promote climate fear to erode public confidence in local governments with increased reliance on central authority; ultimately the UN,
  • Use corpse media and climate disinformation to gain acceptance for a global carbon tax as “protection racket” to fix the weather.

Why The Secrecy?

For your government and UN/IPCC scientists to publicly confess to the chemtrail operation is the ultimate admission that Global warming is a complete lie and that the climate change to fear most is actually caused by chemtrails and electromagnetic weapons to manipulate the weather.

Climate Change LiesWith the Star Wars program and collapse of the Soviet Union the military Weather Modification program moved under control of banking and war-sponsoring cabals who now have access to weather weapons in order to manipulate global commodity and resource prices. This is consistent with the timeline of the chemtrails program when the Department of Defense published a “Chemtrails Manual” for pilots at the USAF Academy in 1990. Although intended as a chemistry course for new pilots, sections of the manual emphasize the critical status of global oil resources. Download your copy of the Chemtrails manual here.

BIG OIL is only one benefactor to climate manipulation when chemtrails make it possible to send warm air into arctic while sending the cold air south into the US as the so-called “polar vortex”.  Forcing drought in California to raise food prices by 15% and privatize water resources is another example.

Many suspect this operation is part of the UN AGENDA-21 program.  Anyone paying attention knows the United Nations has become the new global government empowered with so much authority as to trample on national sovereignty and the US Constitution. See Agenda-21 explained by Rosa Koire

Climate change lies are exposed: THE world’s leading climate change body has been accused of losing credibility after a damning report into its research practices. (Source)

Where are the “Pilots or Chemtrails Truth?

Chemtrails Nozzles Installed on Commercial Airlines in Plain Sight.

Chemtrail Nozzles Installed on engine pilon

Air Canada Chemtrails Nozzle-b



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  2. It is interesting that NASA is involved, if not outright running this operation. Once you research this agency – especially the ones who basically started it (like Jack “JPL” Parsons) – it should all begin to click. It has additional meaning for me as I have had “NASA” spelled out in quantom dots appear in a morgellons fiber after I burned it with a cigarette lighter.

    If you find that hard to believe, imagine how I feel…

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