Why Are There So Many Chemtrails in Guanacaste, Costa Rica? 4

Why Are There So Many Chemtrails in Guanacaste?

Posted by on February 20, 2014 in Costa Rica News, Guanacaste News, Science News

Chemtrails tankers Panel Header-BA little more than four years ago, Ticos preparing to go to the polls in early February noticed that the skies above the Central Valley were crisscrossed by contrails (condensation trails, those fluffy white lines that airplanes leave behind). Claudia Calvo, a resident of Curridabat in the eastern suburbs of San Jose used her mobile phone to capture video of the sky along with her observations about sudden weather changes and dead birds she found the next day. Ms. Calvo believes this was evidence of a “chemtrail episode” in Costa Rica, which is something that has become even more common in the big sky above Guanacaste.

The chemtrail phenomenon is part of a conspiracy theory that proposes that not all vapor lines in the sky are contrails. Chemtrail supporters believe that there may be trails of chemical or biological substances sprayed by shadowy entities for ulterior purposes. One of these believers is William Vander Zalm, former Premier of British Columbia Canada, whose comments on chemtrails being associated with secret “geoengineering” projects such as weather manipulation were recently published by alternative media site Collective Evolution:

I believe it’s been going on for some time, but to what extent and how much the government knows about it, I don’t know. Chemtrails are happening all over the world, just exactly who’s engineering all of this I don’t know and that’s exactly what I’m trying to find out. Governments do things without asking, and we find out about it when it’s too late.

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  1. what I dont understand is how govts just say yes…dont they realise whats inside the toxic mix…and pours down on everyone barre none. This brings me to the next question…the chemtrail organisation must be lying…I wonder what the lie is…it can’t be “rain”…”global warming”…hmmm….or…could be govts are in on it…questions questions

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