Chemicals Are Adversely Affecting Millions of Children Worldwide 2

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Chemicals Adversely Affect Millions of Children Worldwide

Neurodevelopmental disabilities, including autism, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, dyslexia, and other cognitive impairments, affect millions of children worldwide, and some diagnoses seem to be increasing in frequency. — Dr. Philippe Grandjean, MD and Philip J Landrigan, MD

Catherine J. Frompovich
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Finally, two medical doctors are coming to the forefront with a conclusion I came up with a long time ago: Toxins and chemicals affect children’s brains!

Back in the early 1980s I did research on the effects of dietary and environmental chemicals in pregnant women affecting their ability to conceive. My research began when women started experiencing an inability to become pregnant, especially after having been on a birth control pill regimen for several years.

The results of a six-month, pre-pregnancy detoxification protocol for both prospective parents, coupled with an intensive nutrition and dietary program, always resulted in a planned pregnancy – without fail! I cannot tell you how many couples were ever so grateful to finally have a baby to cherish, and they could not thank me enough. However, I always replied that there was a way to thank me; it would be always to feed baby naturally beginning with baby’s first food. As a result, I wrote the book:

Feeding baby naturally from pregnancy on–: A comprehensive guide to natural nutrition for prepregnancy, pregnancy, lactation, and infant diets

Book - Feeding Baby naturally

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