NYC 9/11 Ballot Intitiative to Require Investigation of WTC-7 Collapse 6

AE911Truth High Rise Initiative

Bob McIlvaine mugThe purpose of the High-Rise Safety Initiative is to make high-rises safer by compelling a new investigation into the collapse of World Trade Center 7 and by ensuring timely and comprehensive investigations when high-rise collapses occur in the future.

When passed, this ballot initiative will require the NYC Department of Buildings to investigate and provide a public report as to the cause of the collapse of World Trade Center, Building 7.

Click Here for complete details of the HIGH RISE SAFETY INITIATIVE

High Rise Initiative Letter


  1. God bless you sir!!!!!! Silverstein..”and so we decided to pull it” where he screwed up…it takes weeks to set up a demolition of a building. Setting up explosives in pre ordained spots…and we also know nano explosives were used and Iron pillars in the building sheared at an angle for better collapse. Anyways, these criminals, bush, Cheney, rice, Rumsfeld, Rudy, Silverstien, and others need to go to prison for the highest crimes against our nation and the millions killed here and over seas based on lies!!!!!

    • Oh these government criminals lied and lied.
      The government is rogue. The terrorists are inside the wire of the Beltway in Washington DC.
      The government has been under occupation by the Cabal of Infamous Assholes since 11-22-1963. Time the Patriots rise and route these traitors. If we don’t get these mass murdering, psychopaths, it is just a matter of time before they will get us.

  2. Despicable treasonous murderers the lot of them!!!
    How the entire world still hasn’t realized that 911 was entirely an INSIDE JOB, truly beats me. It was so glaringly obvious right from the very outset … and it didn’t require a degree in anything, besides common sense to arrive at such either.
    Here’s wishing you loads of deserved success Sir.
    ~South Africa~ xox

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