How Chemtrails Force Drought In California 3

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USA5.2014041.terra.250m.coast+bordersIn this video We compare the Feb 10, Terra Satellite view at 18:40 UTC with the GOES 15 satellite loop at approximately the same time.

The Cirrus level clouds are seen moving nearly west to east over a lower altitude level of chemtrails that tend to follow the California current from north to south. These lower chemtrails have apparent metallic and semi-conductive properties that interact with powerful electromagnetic propagation transmitted from locations along the California coast.  We can only guess that the purpose of these artificially energized clouds is to control or weaponize the climate in this region of California.

Notice the very heavy and thick waves of aerosols that serve to force drought by hyper-nucleating the atmosphere to prevent rain from falling over California.
If you subscribe to the the IPCC’s version of GW we can say that atmospheric and surface “heating” is aggravated in 2 ways:

The  artificial clouds trap heat to warm surface temperatures as determined by climate sclientist Joyce Penner.

Water vapor – a powerful GHG – remains in the atmosphere when the aerosols prevent this GHG from condensing and falling as rain.

With chemtrails aerosols distributed across vast regions of the global atmosphere every day, the volume of water vapor trapped in the atmosphere remains fixed at an artificially high level for as long as chemtrails are sprayed into the atmosphere, day afte day.

When you Go back to the article and click on the high resolution satellite image, the area of chemical clouds and cimate manipulated by electromagnatic propagation will become apparent.



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  3. actually I have to think that the basic premise of keeping the level of water vapour artificially high might not be a bad thing as Adam and Eve’s earth was swaddled in water vapours that cut down the harmful radiation which we know is responsible for most of the earth’s and human’s ills.
    It is possible the InternationalChemTrailConspiracyGroup -ICTCG – are ignorant of Adam’s earthand are unwittingly helping earth return to that state in time for Aramageddon?

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