Mystery of Fake Snow Polymers Explained by Spangler Science 4

Fake snow has been commercially manufactured for years by adding water to a volume of tiny hydrophilic polymers that absorb vast amounts of H2O to produce fake, powdery snow.

Complete story of Axle Annie:

The consistency of polymer snow makes it a candidate for spraying by chemtrails jets.  Released over the storm, the fake snow polymers soak up all the moisture in the upper atmosphere then fall to earth disguised as real snow.

Steve Spangler Science Header

The characteristics of artificial snow expressed in several videos of “fake snow” associated with the winter the January, 2014 winter storm match that of a product called “Insta-Snow” marketed by Steve Spangler Science.

  • Difficult to compress
  • Reluctance to release water under applied heat
  • Odor of burnt plastic (polymer)

The military, weather modification version of fake snow, however, may contain more than polymers.  It would be easy enough to hide bio-toxins to the fake snow in order to entice a naive population to come within close contact of an engineered virus or the silent Morgellons organism.

Curious coincidence lies in the inspiration for polymer snow marketing contained in a children’s book written by Robin Pulver and illustrated by Tedd Arnold called “AXLE ANNIE”.

AXLE Annie book

As the story goes, Axle Annie (dressed in aviator’s gear) is the best school bus driver in Burskyville.  Annie has a reputation for always getting the kids to school no matter the weather.  Another bus driver and Axle Annie’s nemesis is Shifty Rhodes who would like nothing better than to stay in bed and claim a “snow day” when blizzards hit town.  Rhodes conspires with the owner of a snow machine to block a difficult pass at the top of “Tiger Hill” causing Axle Annie to get stuck, with the result that Shifty Rhodes would get a snow day to stay in bed. But, alas, Rhodes is foiled when passengers get out of the bus to push it successfully past the barrier of “fake snow”.

Illustrotor, Tedd Arnold explains why the bus driver is dressed in aviation gear:

“For some reason, as I visualized Annie’s character, Amelia Earhart came to mind. That explains the pilot’s goggles and outfit –what some people call “the mad bomber” look.”


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