Corporate Meteorologists Desperately Trying To Hide Truth About Chemtrails and Fake Snow 10

The agenda for Big Oil to use chemtrails and environmental weapons to warm the arctic is becoming more obvious. 

Men in Black Neuralyzer Chemtrails SRM smWe note the record warm temperatures in Alaska while record winter storms in North America cause “snow” (and something else) to fall in the south. While arctic ice retreats to allow access to drilling by Big Oil we find antarctic ice is increasing.

Contrary to pervasive media propaganda about the “dangers” of Global Warming, many historical documents reveal that proposals to warm the arctic for access to oil drilling have been considered as good ideas for nearly 70 years prior to the 1960’s.

Your key to unlocking the MATRIX of CLIMATE CHANGE disinformation is in the article:  1966 NASA Documents Reveal Mission of Military and Federal Agencies to Modify the Climate

Geoengineering Watch Header

Main Stream Media And Their Paid Liar “Scientists” Are Desperately Trying To Hide The Truth About Climate Engineering
Dane Wigington

The artificially nucleated snow storms have finally raised the attention of the public. As we expected, main stream media has responded to the explosion of public awakening with a steady stream of disinformation. They attempt to back up the disinformation with “scientists” who are all too willing to lie for the empire. None of the mainstream media stories bother to mention any credible science terms in their “stories”. That could lead people to solid information and that is the last thing the power brokers want. Main stream media of course fails to mention science terms like “climate engineering”, “geoengineering” , “stratospheric aerosol geoengineering” (SAG), “solar radiation management” (SRM), “stratospheric aerosol injection” (SAI), etc.

Don’t Miss Jeff Rense Interview With Dane Wigington

NOTE:  The use of chemtrails as environmental weapons to manipulate natural resources is not the type of geoengineering to mitigate “global warming” envisioned by geoengineers, David Keith and Ken Caldeira.  We must stop confusing the use of chemtrails as precisely equal to geoengineering. they two different operations – both based on misleading data.  If not, we will have two (2) aerosol and pollution spraying operations. (1) Tropospheric Chemtrails to warm the climate and (2) Stratospheric Aerosols to cool the climate created by chemtrails.

The patents below should be examined, important points in them are already highlighted to make reviewing easier. Please review the data below, get up to speed on the gravity of what we face. Our future depends on having a critical mass of the population that is clear on the truth. A critical mass that is not swayed by the constant stream of lies put out by the so called “experts” who are paid to hide the the truth at any cost. The power structure can not afford to have the American public wake up and they will do anything they can to keep this from happening. They control the media, they control the message, and they think they control the definition of “truth”, but they do not. Please take the time to look and learn. If you know you are standing on solid ground you won’t be swayed by illusion and lies.


“Artificial Ice Nucleation For Weather Modification”, Patents

WEATHER MODIFICATION METHOD” (Artificial ice nucleation for weather modification)

FREEZING NUCLEANT” (Artificial ice nucleation for weather modification)

GENERATION OF ICE NUCLEATING CRYSTALS” (Artificial ice nucleation for weather modification)



Snow storms are being completely engineered, period. The article links below will provide further details for those that want to truly get their arms around the now total weather modification on planet Earth.

Geoengineered Storms Wreaking Havoc Around The Globe

The Snowmen, Turning Warmth Into Winter, (part 1)

The Snowmen, Turning Warmth Into Winter (part 2)

Engineered Storms Begin Again


  1. It’s ironic that Dane Wigington claims “scientists are liars”, yet he consistently quotes from scientific sources.
    Is he perhaps picking-and-chosing anything that fits his needs ??

    • The science of AGW per CO2 is mostly not supported by the data. Chemtrails and eco-weapons are contributing a major amount to climate change/ (formerly global warming). However I agree that Dane has unnecessarily parroted the UN/IPCC bag of lies to make his argument that chemtrails are equal to “geoengineering” to mitigate global warming. For some reason he chooses to support the very cabal of liars that are causing the problem by siding with the CO2 theory. — In fact, David Keith’s concept of geoengineering to mitigate GW is stratospheric aerosols where current chemtrails aircraft cannot even fly.

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  3. One thing is certain and that isThey ARE spraying something up in the atmosphere! My blood test just came back at a 4 for aluminum 7 is toxic overload …1 is slightly above normal by EPA standards … so why was my blood clean 3 years ago and now it is filled with aluminum? because they ARE spraying aluminum! WE THE PEOPLE BREATH THIS IN and it it causing people to become deathly ill, causing the trees to also the enviroment to become sick! I SAY START THE PUBLIC
    HANGINGS to anyone lying to the public and anyopne involed in the biggest crime in human history! I will be the first to pull the lever! Even David Keith admits to using modified jets to spray 20 million tons of aluminumbarium and sulpheric acid and then over the years more and more sulpheric acid into the atmosphere covering the earth to dim the sun and cool the earth! …… isn’t that what the fuck we are seeing?

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  6. I have a theory….. I think that the aluminum in the chemtrails is the reason we are seeing more and stronger lightning strikes. It makes sense really since aluminium is a great conductor of electricity. If that’s the case then aren’t they slowly creating the storm of the century? We see other planets that have ongoing storms that make them uninhabitable, this could be the future of our planet if they continue to try and play God.

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