Carlos Arredondo – Cowboy Boston Bombing Crisis Actor 12

This just-released, one hour documentary provides a brilliant analysis of the Boston Marathon Bombing and Carlos Arredondo’s part in the hoax.

Consistent with her failure to report the 9/11 cover-up, Amy Goodman is also exposed as producing phony news reports to promote Arredondo’s story and government lies.

The final segment identifies the New World Order banksters and cast of characters who are undermining America democracy.

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Crisis Actors and Fake Blood Makeup Kits

Boston Bomb Scene Analysis of Moulage Kits





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  2. Don’t ever remember seeing such leg injury while in Nam; Not
    only that he would have been dead in minutes; If the injury would have been higher on the inside of the thigh Jeff would have died for sure; but that is not the case; A man can bleed out in 4 to 7 minutes once that main artery was severed he would have had to have had a tourniquet applied immediately. and a ambulance with qualified medics would have been needed immediately; Closing that artery would have been the most important task at hand.

  3. What a crap sarcastic edited video. So first the video starts to make fun of the fact that his son died in war and the other in suicide like many millions more the voice say. Starting from that you can say that whoever is making the video is just a stupid ass. Then fake blood, why would they need fake blood when a bomb just exploded injuring and killing several and he needs fake blood right. So what is the purpose of the video to say that everything is crap, there are no heroes only terrorist. Only terrorist win and is impossible to have a hero especially if the hero is a Latino and not Bruce Willis.

  4. / este le faltan las piernas desde hace muc hos años

  5. Youtube has scrubbed almost all Boston truth videos. You have to link to videos of archives so they will remain valid. If you had backup copies of those videos please upload to a different platform than Youtube

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