9/11 Truther Matt Mills Explains How He Got Past Super Bowl Security Reply

Super Bowl Truther-D

Matt Mills makes mockery of all the black helicopters and hyper-security promoted as necessary measures to “protect the public”.  While at the microphone, Matt revealed the entire post-9/11 world is a contrived police state where the bad guys plan to grab the guns from the good guys.

Matt said his primary purpose was to interview the public inside the Super Bowl concerning the half time show and how the Illuminati theme is always presented.  His report was confiscated by the police, but Mills expects to have these interviews returned in the near future.

VIDEO EXTRA: Dan Rather reports on collapse of WTC-7 and Twin Towers

Independent journalist, Matthew Mills was arrested on Super Bowl Sunday after he grabbed a microphone away from MVP, Malcolm Smith.

Some are speculating that the 7 second broadcast delay in the post-game news conference could have allowed the networks to censor Mills’ comment, but a decision was made to “let it happen”. Others say the censors were asleep at the switch and merely caught off-guard by an official-looking “truther”.

Mills is heard shouting:

“Investigate nine-eleven.  Nine-eleven was perpetrated by people within our own government”

Smith appeared startled but regained composure to suggest that someone should check his (Mills) press pass.

Mills gained access to Metlife stadium by using an old pass that looked very similar to those handed out to the media by security.

Mills surprised himself when circumstances and dumb luck worked to get him inside the stadium.

Mills was later quoted:

“I just saw my opportunity to get my word out there and I took it.”

Is it a coincidence that Seahawks Coach, Pete Carroll, is a 9/11 Truther?

Carroll had received a packet from AE911Truth.org founder, Richard Gage, AIA. The packet contained a forensic analysis detailing the use of explosives used to collapse the Twin Towers and the World Trade Center, Building 7.

In a an interview with retired Army general Peter W. Chiarelli, Carroll had this to say:

pete-carroll-seahawks“While officials in New York City went about the systematic destruction of the vast amounts of evidence comprising the remains of the World Trade Center, official handlers of the Pentagon strike undertook the much smaller task of erasing physical evidence that a jetliner crashed into the Pentagon. The resulting evidence vacuum created the conditions for a protracted controversy about what hit the Pentagon.” (Source)

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